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Jul 13 2010

Spinster aunt executes close reading of seemingly benign remark, exposes hidden meanings!

Adorable "trailer" is surprisingly un-trashy. "Eco-Cottage," 475 sq ft, by Nationwide Homes.

Thanks to yesterday’s involuntary contributors, Valerie, Dr Sarah Tonin, and Saphire. You kids are all right. Today I’ll be picking a few more nits on the same theme. If a theme may be said to possess nits. Queries blamer JenniferRuth on the subject of feminists gettin’ after other feminists for perceived infractions of the Unwritten …

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Jul 10 2010

Horrifying frizz experiences and other stories


Uh-oh! Sometimes I feel the patriarchy most of all with feminist groups, and the P leaves me alone on occasion in the real world. Hell, I turn off the TV and the patriarchy almost ceases to exist. Then I’ll be on a feminist committee and feel like women actually grouping together against the patriarchy are …

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Jul 02 2010

Blu r5rgh

Fig. 72. Jilroy Frosting. Self-Portrait with Feminist Coffee Table Art Book. 1987. Megapixels and cellulose on mylar. 3″ x 3″. This coffee table feminist art book has Nancy Spero’s 1971 Codex Artaud VI on the cover. If it alludes to Antonin “Jet of Blood” Artaud, it’s gotta be art. If there’s one thing a spinster …

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Jun 29 2010

Art Week 2: The (artless) future lies ahead

People sure get nervous when I postulate an art-free future as a desirable outcome of feminist revolt. If this nervousness is because you work in the arts and are already anxious about job security, or because yours is a poetical nature and you are enamored of the Artist Mythos, fear not. You’ll be long dead …

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Jun 16 2010

The video the real feminists don’t want you to see

Jun 10 2010

Hanging Chads of Savage Death Island bore the shit out of spinster aunt

Wow, I nip out to town for a couple of mahi tacos (diet cops, shut your yaps), stumble back to my desk, and discover that some dude named Jack has parachuted down to Savage Death Island, peered at the curious natives through a 2X magnifying glass, and pronounced (some of) us “smart.” Despite the fact …

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May 27 2010

Spinster aunt reveals her inner Firestone

Holy bajoly! The discussion on one of my recent posts has taken quite an unexpected turn. It went from the idea that women’s history has been erased/co-opted by the dominant culture to the idea that — I’m not even kidding — science is bad! Unfortunately I have to go and see a girl about a …

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May 24 2010

Spinster aunt yearns for radfem wiki

Have you tacqueax seen this? I found it when I was researching TV tropes. It’s called TV Tropes. TV Tropes is a charmingly nerdy, somewhat dorkily written pseudo-scholarly reference work, a wiki-style compendium of literary conventions and devices used in television and beyond. Some of the tropes are direct from the good old literary canon, …

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Jan 29 2010

There are molecules in the brain called “neurotransmitters”

Because of my award-nominated, it-is-highly-unlikely-that-you-are-qualified-to-post-here moderation policy — “Old Iron-Fist” is what they call me down at Spinster HQ — readers of I Blame the Patriarchy aren’t always exposed to mansplaining at standard Internet concentrations. I sometimes wonder if this is really all to the good, since mansplaining can be so goddam hilarious, and who …

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Dec 30 2009

Happy fucking new year

Speaking of mayhem, it’s about time for the Annual Holiday Trio of Random Passages from the SCUM Manifesto. “A small handful of SCUM can take over the country within a year by systematically fucking up the system, selectively destroying property, and murder: SCUM will become members of the unwork force, the fuck-up force; they will …

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