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May 20 2011

Why didn’t I think of that?

Once in a while there emerges an idea so radiant, so silky, so bursting with nourishing emollients and nutraceuticals, that the staff at Spinster HQ can but put down their string cheese, gaze up from their microscopes, and raise a prickly-pear margarita to its genius. Today I allude to this, one man’s response to the …

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Nov 10 2009

Supercilious punctilio of the week

As has been well documented, I have exhibited gallantry and forbearance on this painful subject for years, but dammitjim I can be silent no longer! I Blame the Patriarchy is now officially a “teh menz”-free zone. By which I mean, the bizarre and cringe-u-lational phrase “teh menz” will no longer be admitted into blaming discourse. …

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Oct 05 2009

The Spinstitute for Glossological Research

The one on the right really needs her feet trimmed. [Source] Toe the line vs. tow the line. Spinster aunts tend to use the former to connote a gesture of defiance, as in scraping a line in the sand with the toe of your Birkenstock and declaring to your opponent “I pity the fool who …

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