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The dogma of oppression, conceived by ancient barbarians, spouted forth by bags of hate wearing televangelist drag.

Feb 23 2014

Planet Earth: what a wacky place to be gay

Here’s what happened: The other evening after tacos my sidekick Stingray and I were lounging around slurping down an extra bottle of wine. Whereupon, as is inevitable with that level of saturation, two developments transpired. 1. I Spotified Madonna and started busting a move 2. LGBT politics became the topic of conversation Stingray mentioned a …

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Feb 21 2012

Rabbi takes down King Leer

The spinster aunt doesn’t give a flip about the corny-ass sacred texts of the world’s great religions. This is because the world’s great religions without exception do double-duty as the world’s great repositories of misogyny. And also because belief, without exception, subverts truth. Take, for example, the habit of godbags to dress women in bags …

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May 20 2011

Why didn’t I think of that?

Once in a while there emerges an idea so radiant, so silky, so bursting with nourishing emollients and nutraceuticals, that the staff at Spinster HQ can but put down their string cheese, gaze up from their microscopes, and raise a prickly-pear margarita to its genius. Today I allude to this, one man’s response to the …

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May 16 2010

And they moved to Stars Hollow and lived happily ever after

This post would have appeared earlier, but I only just now got the gore and debris cleaned up. I allude to the obstreperal lobe tissue dripping from the bunkhouse rafters. That’s right, I blew another lobe, and no doubt you did, too, when you heard about the insane bill that just passed in Missouri. Missouri’s …

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Apr 05 2010

Spinster aunt backslides (but can quit anytime. Really.)

Springtime at El Rancho Deluxe. These goddam bluebonnets are everywhere. Longtime residents of Savage Death Island will recall that this Internet feminist once had a pretty hardcore BBC news feed habit. I sat around all day transfixed by the horror of the Beeb. That habit caused my butt to fuse with my Aeron chair, and …

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Jan 28 2010

Spinster aunt begins post with “I,” tells anecdote

I recently blew out a lobe laughing a cold, ulcerated laugh. It happened yesterday, when my sibling Tidy told me a sad tale of Christian insanity, which tale I now relate to you, right after I bore you with some background details. For reasons that, to my surprise, turned out to be none of my …

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Jan 18 2010

Spinster aunt publishes post on godly football player without titling it first

According to the Internet, a celebrity football player and his mother are making a pro-compulsory pregnancy Super Bowl commercial for noted hysterical antifeminist group Focus on the Family. Reportedly the gist of the commercial is the heartwarming tale of the pre-parturient football mother, who experienced life-threatening issues while pregnant and was advised by doctors to …

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Nov 28 2009

Spinster aunt reads amateur op-ed piece

Every morning Google sends urgent feminist alerts to my inbox. It’s hilarious, the contexts in which writers of Internet crap chuck that word “feminist” around. — Rihanna has a new album; she left her abusive boyfriend, so she’s a feminist icon now. — You can wear false eyelashes and still be a feminist. — What …

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Jun 14 2009

Spinster aunt perceives misogynist billboard

Creepy billboard somewhere on MoPac. There is only one reason that pregnancy should “scare” you: your culture hates women and kids.* It especially hates teenage women. It especially hates pregnant teenage women. It especially hates teenage pregnant women who get knocked up under unapproved circumstances. Some unapproved circumstances: they are not legally bound to an …

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Apr 21 2009

Rape culture and stupidity for your iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a Dude Paradise Generator with this remote control app.

The iPhone used to be the purview of elitists and geeks. A current Apple commercial says it still is, attempting to illustrate the unsurpassed coolness of its product by demonstrating that it can be used to read books and MRIs. However, now that iPhones have filtered into the mainstream, they are little more than mediocrity-delivery …

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