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The dogma of oppression, conceived by ancient barbarians, spouted forth by bags of hate wearing televangelist drag.

Apr 21 2009

Wingnut on liberal media payroll redefines bigotry as justice

The rough green snake is over 2 feet long and drops from tree boughs onto your head without so much as a hey-ho-how's-your-toe.

If only there were enough hours in the day. But there aren’t, so this here snake is all I got. And this here link. Salon. Yeah, I’ve stopped reading it, too, but once in a while a blamer sends a link, and the next thing you know, there I am, writhing in pain over another …

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Apr 14 2009

Patriarchy on autopilot

Not long ago I posted a blurbette on the Saudi asshole who married his 8-year-old daughter to a middle-aged creep in exchange for $8000; the Saudi courts wouldn’t grant her a divorce because — yup, it’s true — the kid was too young to file the suit. By way of updating the case: now the …

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Mar 31 2009

Schmucknozzle of the Week: Hamid Karzai

You know that zany, completely unfounded Unified Patriarchy Theory proposed by eccentric spinster aunts and certain other women who advocate flat shoes? The theory that defines patriarchy as a culture of domination composed of default humans (males) who maintain dominion over everyone and everything else, including a class of indentured sex receptacles (women)? The theory …

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Mar 26 2009

UK shrinks suffer case of double-barbaria

Lobe been blown yet today? In the UK 17% of psychiatrists surveyed said they “had agreed to help at least one patient ‘reduce’ their gay or lesbian feelings when asked to do so.” Hey, UK psychiatrists! Enough already with the Dr Frankenstein crap. This “cure” shit is fraying the Twisty neurons. Many straight people in …

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Mar 11 2009

Every sperm is sacred

Dudes continue uninterrupted exercise of divine right to annex uteruses as political tools, almost as if International Women’s Day had no impact whatsoever! Whups! Looks like I missed International Women’s Day. I was preoccupied with extensive preparations for my “Dancing with the Stars” pre-season gala. No doubt you were, too. Unlike International Men’s Day — …

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Feb 10 2009

More hugs

You thought I’d forgotten all about the new “Hugs, Twisty” feature, but you’re wrong-o! Todays topics are: what to do about rapists, the state-owned uterus, and grammar. Let’s get started! [Trigger alert] Hi Twisty, Long-time listener, first-time caller. For serious though, I want your help, and the help of the rest of the blamers, if …

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Jan 26 2009

Spinster aunt really does read her email

Top o the marnin, blamers. You know how I rely on you to email me with cultural bacteria I can grow in the petrie dish of blame down in the lab, but relax. You can all stop sending me the link to the $3.8 million virginity auction. I’m hip to it. And I cannot possibly …

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Jan 23 2009

No post today

While I flit off on an important farming mission today, here are a few dangling IUD strings for your consideration: Blamer threatens to share anecdotes Blamer sevanetta — another of our Aussies — who works in gender equality in government, recently indicated in a comment that she has “anecdotes galore” concerning the astonishing gender-issues ignorance …

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Dec 01 2008

Spinster aunt forgoes spider safari in selfless service of greater good


Of the Hill Country thrushes, the Eastern bluebird, a species commonly thought to exist exclusively in Disney cartoons, infests El Rancho Deluxe with the least compunction. You can scarcely poke your head out the door around here without about 137 of’em swarming in to perch on you, radiating happiness. In a tribute to Western godbagosity, …

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Nov 14 2008

Internet connection, why hast thou forsaken me?


Who am I to thwart the public’s inexhaustible fascination for photographs of my radio tower? As I merge my bony old biomass with the Arcadian rhythms of the Texas Hill Country, two truths emerge. One: one of my slippers will contain a scorpion in the morning. Two: radio tower or no radio tower, one’s rural …

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