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The dogma of oppression, conceived by ancient barbarians, spouted forth by bags of hate wearing televangelist drag.

Aug 30 2007

Chapter and verse


I was lying dormant around the patio at Flipnotics the other day, listening to Stingray decant her anguished soul of bilious stories about the racist old bat she works with, when suddenly there hove into view this strolling Jesus dude. He wore a Jesus outfit and, somewhat hilariously, bore his Jesus propaganda not like a …

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Aug 20 2007

The Procrastination Chronicles


Today’s unrelated arachnid predation photo: Spinybacked orbweaver weaves orb outside Twisty kitchen window; eats head off bee. Gasteracantha cancriformis, North South Austin, August 2007. As longtime readers know, so that I can stay on top of developments in my field, Google sends me news’n’blog alerts, to the tune of hundreds a day, on topics relevant …

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Jun 05 2007

GodbagWatch ’07: Church of England totes the company barge

C of E head of education The Rev Jan Ainsworth says that “state juvy warehouses might wish to brainwash their defenseless inmates with the myth of creationism in science class. Why? Because cognitive dysfunctionals have different ways of looking at bald-faced lies promulgated by delusional old dudes.” No wait, that was the Twistulator’s automated translation. …

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May 10 2007

Ratzi a-go-go


Pope Ratzi’s sinister familiar keeps an eye on me 24/7. Speaking of creepy beanie-headed woman-hating mystics, Pope Ratzi is currently evangelizing in Brazil, where he has reiterated to thunderous applause his support for compulsory pregnancy and the uninterrupted practice of Catholic doctrine defining women as meat envelopes. His remarks come in the wake of groundbreaking …

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May 10 2007

Hating is fun-damental

I just found out that homosexuality is “an unnatural form of prostitution.” A pointy-headed Latvian Roman Catholic poobah, his synapses electrified with secret shibboleths whispered into his crusty ear by the ghost of a dead Jew from the Roman Empire, declined to enlighten the masses as to just what sort of prostitution he does consider …

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May 05 2007


All things are subject to interpretation; whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth. — that putz Nietzsche It is with curled lip and bloodshot eye that I anticipate a total lack of surprise at the news that last month a 17-year-old Iraqi girl was stoned to death …

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Mar 17 2007

Because Jesus loves you even if you are really, really good-looking

Sadly, Models for Christ is not, as I’d first thought, a support forum for the sandy-haired, blue-eyed white dudes who dress up in Jesus-togas for Xian propaganda photo shoots, but it’s still pretty funny, if, like me, you get a chuckle out of the inexplicably universal belief that an invisible dead Jew from the Roman …

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Feb 23 2007

Over 1,000,000 served


Chile con queso con rajas at El Chile in East Austin. Departing somewhat from the standard Velveeta model, the queso at El Chile appears to contain, in part, queso. It was one of those momentous moments that, had anyone been conscious when it ensued, would not soon have been forgotten. I allude to the stately …

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Feb 16 2007

Wal-Mart: supporting a pharmacist’s right to choose

Yesterday NARAL sent out an action alert. It told the following miserable tale: A woman named Tashina Byrd went to a Springfield, Ohio Wal-Mart to get a dose of Plan B, and was dee-nied. The pharmacist, according to the Akron Beacon Journal, “shook his head and laughed.” NARAL quite reasonably wishes to curb derisive pharmacal …

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Feb 14 2007

Speculative fiction


Stingray applies liquid sunbeams to a pork tenderloin taco at the indispensable TacoDeli, which taco stand is the principal force in a spinster aunt’s being. There are gaps in my intelligence on the recent Amanda Marcotte/Shakes Sis/psychotic godbag/American Political Machine episode. I am not in possession of all the facts. For instance, was there a …

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