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Feb 26 2011

Announcement Korner

For the heartwarming nature crappists, I present the red swamp crawfish found beached at my low-water crossing the other day. No yella labs were injured during this photo shoot. Brief thoughts of étouffée, the ancestral diet of spinster aunts of yore. Meanwhile, there can never be a proper bloggy dustup without a mea culpa from …

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Dec 19 2010

The future is sort of now

Turkey flashmob surrounds the canine compound at Spinster HQ. Cottonmouth County, October 2010. You could have knocked me and Phil, my secretary, over with a feather when we heard some guy on the radio freak out about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was the fact of the repeal, not the radio guy …

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Oct 26 2010

Mantid of the week

Greetings from Spinster HQ, O ye commenters and readers of comments! The “Latest Blamer Invective” sidebar function upon which you have come to dote so warmly has experienced a warp core breach. Two female characters with names are discussing it, and should have it back online before the third act. Meanwhile, please bask in the …

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Oct 16 2010

Saturday invertebrate update

Wolf spider the size of Guam, covered with tiny wolf spiders the size of an island smaller than Guam. When a wolf spider the size of Guam strolls by, encrusted with, literally, a buttload of teensy wolf spiders, it is understandable if you widen the eyes a little and say something along the lines of …

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Sep 17 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Got a new horse. I’m not gonna lie. She’s more fun than patriarchy blaming. Her name is Iz. For those who give a fig about equine particulars, she’s a bloomy 10-year-old chestnut 15.3 Thoroughbred/Oldenburg cross who never puts a foot wrong. We’ll be doing the low hunters, Spinster Aunt Division. In this award-nominated video Iz …

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Aug 18 2010

Hey, hepcats!

Fun fact: katydids are kosher. Come’n git it. Why do you even have a patriarchy-blaming blog, Twisty, if you’re just gonna go AWOL and post pictures of skinks and katydids every 17.6 days? Well, here’s the sitch. Brace yourself, because it sucks the bag. It’s cricket season. Cricket season and blaming season cannot coexist. Why …

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Aug 11 2010

Molting garden spider of the week


Phil, my secretary, has declined to ghost-write my essay today. He called in claiming writer’s block. What a load. He just wanted to lie around on the couch eating sour cream ‘n’ onion potato chips. I could hear Hair Battle Spectacular in the background when he called. What’s Hair Battle Spectacular? A TV hair-do competition …

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Aug 10 2010

Spinster aunt posts place-holder

It’s been non-stop action here at Spinster Aunt World Headquarters. Things, like this zucchini, which are the size of Guam, keep happening. Please stand by while an excellent essay is generated by my secretary Phil. Thank you.

Jul 27 2010

Spinster aunt has even less time today than yesterday

Until an actual patriarchy-blaming time slot opens up in a day or two, allow your absentee blogger to offer a) an award-nominated photograph of the leopard frog eggs found yesterday in the Spinstitute for Texas Herpetology Dept’s experimental algae-choked swamp of a former swimming pool, and b) this light and amusing BDSM-related interlude entitled “You’re …

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Jul 26 2010

Spinster aunt has no time for you

This spinster aunt has no time for you people right now. So let us all praise blamer Phio Gistic, who sent in a link to some jaw-dropping shit that just went down in St. Louis Missouri, the mattress-stain of a town where, coincidentally, I spent the 25 worst years of my life. Naturally, what happened …

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