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Nov 17 2011

The Donkey Chronicles, Part 2

Certainly you are on the edge of your seat awaiting some sort of resolution to the Donkey Situation. Here’s the status report: The donkeys’ owner has finally been located, thanks to the expert sleuthing of Sgt. Jimmy of the Cottonmouth County Sheriff’s Dept. Crappily, it turns out that the owner is Mr Classy from seven …

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Aug 20 2011

Happy trails, Fugly!

This post will interest few, if any, of you, but nevertheless it is my duty as a patriarchy-blaming gentleman farmer to publicly mourn the passing of my favorite horse blog, Fugly Horse of the Day. Fugly was written by an opinionated muckrakin’ horse chick who, okay, she sometimes made fun of hillbillies and pornulated women, …

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Jul 01 2011

Friday favorite horse blogging

Unlike with children, you’re allowed to have a favorite horse. This is Izzy, a thoroughbred/warmblood cross. She has anhidrosis, a big-ass osteochondritis dissecans lesion in her stifle, a mysterious skin condition affecting her udder, long pasterns, underrun heels, her tail won’t grow, and her top speed is “whoa,” but I love her. You can tell …

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May 03 2011

Here, kitty-kitty

No time to post! So here’s the discussion topic for today, inspired by TwissB’s comment on a recent post. Pets: wholesome, mutually satisfying relationship, or slavery? I had the misfortune yesterday, while driving through the picturesque Texas hill country in the rain — (that’s right, I said “rain.” It hasn’t rained here since about 1839. …

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Feb 25 2011

Heartwarmth reaches new level

Jan 27 2011

Global Blamer Kaffeeklatsch

Phil, my secretary, is against Facebook. I admit I have my reservations, too. It is difficult to regard such a wholesale privacy massacre without suspicion. For example, I just heard on the Marketplace Tech Report that they have just started this dealio where if you mention a brand name in your status update, Facebook can …

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Jan 25 2011

A pity there isn’t an antisocial network

I’m not sure why, but I Blame the Patriarchy is now on Facebook. Got some ultra-feminist thingy on your mind? Go on over and spew. By “spew” I of course mean “contribute elegant, concise, thought-provoking remarks that elevate the discourse.” We’ll see how long this lasts! Also, here is a picture of my horse. Carry …

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Sep 17 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Got a new horse. I’m not gonna lie. She’s more fun than patriarchy blaming. Her name is Iz. For those who give a fig about equine particulars, she’s a bloomy 10-year-old chestnut 15.3 Thoroughbred/Oldenburg cross who never puts a foot wrong. We’ll be doing the low hunters, Spinster Aunt Division. In this award-nominated video Iz …

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