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Studies that purport to provide scientific justification for conceiving of women as "different" from men; or, studies which don't purport to prove anything of the kind, but are construed as such by media reports; frequently from the evolutionary psychology department, where post-docs enjoy getting grant money to think up studies that will let them look at porn or manipulate real naked people.

Jan 21 2009

New study explains women!

You sexually unfulfilled girls will be happy to know that your problem has been analyzed by brilliant evolutionary psychologists at the University of Newcastle who have been working round the clock to unlock the unknowable mysteries of women’s orgasmicality. Their conclusion: You have not been boning wealthy men. Rich dudes, quoth the sexperts, are able …

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Aug 10 2008

As long as we’re talking about dudes and kids

This study, according to eFluxMedia, says “men really adore children.” This bizarre conclusion is apparently derived from data suggesting that more men than women adopt children. The study found that about twice as many men, in fact, adopt kids. From which information the article’s author concludes that the notion of responsibility-shirking men is a “myth,” …

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Mar 21 2008

Hey ladies: Bummed out? Bend over!

Many sciencey researchers, if my Blaming Alert inbox is any indication, like nothing better than studying the mystifying sexual habits of women. Likewise, news editors like nothing better than to summarize this research in cornball patriarchy-friendly terms that even their readers can understand. Take today’s study, which purports to conclude, among other things, that depressed …

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Apr 21 2007

Breaking news: Study shows women are “worse”

Thank the lard for websites like The Sydney Morning Herald. Without them, I might have lived out my days in ignorance of important American sexcientific research proving once and for all that “women are worse oglers than men.”* Researchers used impressive “eye-tracking technology” to suggest that when men are shown things like “sexual stimuli” or …

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Apr 25 2006

Fizzy Blankity-Blanc In A Can

Plus: porn addles male brains! Why no post yesterday? I guess I just forgot. Maybe because I had a couple of Sofias for lunch. Single-serving cans of carbonated blanc de blancs from the Coppola are cute, pink, emblazoned with vapid teenisms like “petulant” and “reactionary,” come with extendo-straws so you don’t muss your lipstick, and …

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Feb 04 2006

Boys’ Failure Directly Linked To Women’s Movement By Presumably Uneducated Colorado Teen

“Social philosopher and corporate consultant” Michael Gurian, the Dr Phil of boys’ rights activists The “boys’ achievement gap” in education–you know the one where too many girls are on the honor roll?– is now a bona fide phenomenon, and the cure for it appears to be allowing the young excrescences to swing from the chandeliers …

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