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That which pertains to gender-based bigotry, discrimination, or hate.

Apr 03 2014

The Persistent Sexist Stereotypes in Mass Media Department


From an article appearing in the Chicago Tribune about the latest shooting at Fort Hood: “When confronted by a female military police officer, he shot himself with his semi-automatic weapon in the parking lot.” This is an example of sexist bias in reporting. It reveals a couple of things. Thing one: “male” is still the …

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Feb 27 2014

Spleenvent Thursday: Arizona guv vetoes godbag bill

I know, I know, I’m phoning it in, but, in the interest of keeping up a blaming head of steam, the Spleenvents are going to be a semi-regular feature until such time as I whip my blaming schedule into something resembling a shape. I’ll probably have a real post up by this afternoon, but until …

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Feb 23 2014

Planet Earth: what a wacky place to be gay

Here’s what happened: The other evening after tacos my sidekick Stingray and I were lounging around slurping down an extra bottle of wine. Whereupon, as is inevitable with that level of saturation, two developments transpired. 1. I Spotified Madonna and started busting a move 2. LGBT politics became the topic of conversation Stingray mentioned a …

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Mar 25 2013

Shirley there’s nothing more to say on the subject of Radfems vs Trans Women?

I love the smell of a transgender politics dust-up in the morning. Mmmm. I strongly urge those readers for whom transgenderism is problematic to examine the roots of their bigotry, and to consider adopting a more reasoned, tolerant and inclusive platform. For those who are interested in the Savage Death Island argument supporting the right …

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Mar 22 2013

A girl can’t have a dick.

Gender is the most important fucking concept in the world. It’s the ur-fucking-concept. Smith College won’t admit trans woman Calliope Wong, no way no how, because her birth certificate categorizes her as a dude. Apparently the only way Wong can change the check-box from “dude” to “dudess,” in the eyes of Smith, is to undergo …

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Dec 15 2012

What tha what! Spinster aunt takes break from croning to complain about Scalia

This blog is on hiatus, so it’s time for a post. Every time I stop blaming internetially, the first thing I do is want to start blaming again. It’s a nervous tic. OK, I don’t want to take up a lot of your precious patriarchy-blaming time — at this time of year radical feminists are …

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Jun 26 2012

Discrimination Korner: Cover your boobs whether you have them or not

The author in 2006

Because, unlike me, you pay attention to current events, you have probably heard about the Seattle woman who got booted out of the public pool for trying to swim topless while boobless. Dudes flaunt the torso daily without eliciting comment, but the Seattle Parks & Rec Dept. gave Jodi Jaecks the bum’s rush because she …

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May 09 2012

Hugs, Twisty: Hey I know, let’s chuck some transgenderism chitchat at the wall and see what sticks!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m feeling pretty fresh and minty after having taken a few personal days months, or simply because I’m experiencing a nostalgic hankering for the days of yore when we so often enjoyed polite, pinkies-in-the-air discourse on the topic, but I just couldn’t let this email from an anguished blamer …

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Feb 28 2012

Shirt happens

more fucking sexist crap

If you are a lady whose heart’s desire is to buy a Boing-Boing T-shirt featuring a giant angry unicorn puking blood, the privilege will cost you $2 more than it will cost a dude. This is because, although the women’s shirts are smaller and use less fabric, women Boingers apparently must appease dudenation by spending …

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Jan 27 2012

Spinster aunt has a past


A propos of asexuality, which, devoted readers will recall, was discussed on this blog as recently as 2005, is the revelation — currently taking the nation by storm! — that Tim Gunn hasn’t had sex in 29 years. Who the hell is Tim Gunn, you ask? To answer that question, I must reveal something horrible …

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