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May 29 2011

Spinster aunt remembers something from the 90s

Who woulda thunk that here the Twain would meet?

It’s true that spinsterdom has been keeping me pretty well preoccupied with matters unrelated, except in a general weltanschauung-y sense, to this patriarchy-blaming blog, but I did happen to notice that one blamer recently commented thusly: Well, I keep reading about how not all women have breasts or uteri, and not all women have XX …

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Mar 07 2011

Spinster aunt has cute niece

Now that I Blame the Patriarchy has become the I Heart Transgender Rights blog, it is my duty as an absentee spinster aunt to encourage those readers who have questions about transgenderism to kindly do their own fucking research on their own fucking time. As opposed to infesting the comments with questions like “why should …

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Feb 09 2011

Spinster aunt gets translucent

EMERGENCY MOBILE PHONE UPDATE: the Andrea Dworkin post to which I allude in this post was misattributed to Renee Martin. It was actually written by Daisy Deadhead. I Blame the Patriarchy regrets the error. Well, it’s happened again. There’s a goddam “trans debate” thing roiling in the comments of yesterday’s post. My blogging chops are …

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Dec 19 2010

The future is sort of now

Turkey flashmob surrounds the canine compound at Spinster HQ. Cottonmouth County, October 2010. You could have knocked me and Phil, my secretary, over with a feather when we heard some guy on the radio freak out about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was the fact of the repeal, not the radio guy …

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Jun 05 2010

Hugs, Twisty: Woman’s sex appeal is unbearable to knob coworkers

To: Twisty Faster From: maria m. miranda Subject: Jezebel: woman fired for being too sexy at job Message: I know Jezebel covered this, but I want YOU to write about it. Dear maria m. miranda, Nothing gives me greater pleasure than catering to the whims of complete strangers! Here’s my synopsis [pieced together from the …

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May 14 2010

Heartwarming marsupial of the week

What a darling fellow! This gentle furry woodland creature comes around every night at 8 o’clock to frolic amid the rotting kitchen waste in my compost bin, at which point our nightly staring contest commences. He growls at me, inch-long fangs dripping with disease, for as long as I care to listen (video below). I …

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Feb 04 2010

Still Life with Shatner Bobblehead and Duct Tape

"Dramatization" of germs on Your Family

Oh, no. In the picturesque Texas Hill Country, where for 2 years it did nothing but not rain, it now does nothing but rain. Remember that Ray Bradbury story where the kid lives on a planet where it only stops raining for like 10 minutes once every 80 years or whatever, and everybody looks forward …

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Nov 14 2009

LubeWatch ’09

Unidentified terrestrial object, September 2009. Fellow heartwarming nature crappists will recall that, although spinster aunts are closely related to mushrooms (in terms of a shared propensity to sprout on rotting logs), my mycological chops are not, perhaps, as finely honed as might be considered ideal. Thus I will refrain from positively identifying this appealing, orange, …

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Sep 08 2009

You thought I was just kidding

Announcing my new heartwarming nature crap series, “Mutant Prickly Pear Paddles of the Texas Hill Country.” I expect to turn the project into a coffee table book sometime in the future, perhaps when people can afford to buy coffee tables again. While I tootle off to Austin to buy some polyvinyl alcohol (the armadillos are …

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Jun 21 2009

Spinster aunt longs to bathe lobe

Ever since the Lightning Strike of Aught Nine took out my radio tower and my satellite and the computer running the missile silos I have aimed at various undisclosed megatheocorporatocratic installations, I’ve been out of the loop. I just heard that David Letterman told a tasteless joke about Willow Palin getting knocked up. I don’t …

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