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Jan 23 2009

No post today

While I flit off on an important farming mission today, here are a few dangling IUD strings for your consideration: Blamer threatens to share anecdotes Blamer sevanetta — another of our Aussies — who works in gender equality in government, recently indicated in a comment that she has “anecdotes galore” concerning the astonishing gender-issues ignorance …

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Jan 14 2009

Old crones get bum’s rush in Transplant-land

I’ve been called away on an aunting emergency, but before I waddle off into the wild blue, let me acquaint you with this particularly repellent little dollop of discrimination: older women are less likely than men to be listed for kidney transplants. Women over 75, in fact, are 59% less likely to be listed than …

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Nov 21 2008

Spinster aunt casts jaundiced eye upon stupid product

American culture is infested with a great many pernicious social constructs the abolition of which the Twistolution would celebrate with a yacht party in Bali. Drinks on me! Sarongs optional! There are so many pernicious social constructs, in fact, that without a little help from the megatheocorporatocracy, it would be impossible to focus my full …

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Nov 14 2008

Internet connection, why hast thou forsaken me?


Who am I to thwart the public’s inexhaustible fascination for photographs of my radio tower? As I merge my bony old biomass with the Arcadian rhythms of the Texas Hill Country, two truths emerge. One: one of my slippers will contain a scorpion in the morning. Two: radio tower or no radio tower, one’s rural …

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Nov 10 2008

Can’t have a bunch of fags queering the deal

How, one asks, wiping a drip of spittle from lips slackened in disbelief, do American voters simultaneously elect a black dude president and ban gay marriage in a single swipe of the always-reliable electronic voting machine? Well, I am the world’s foremost authority, so I’ve got a couple of theories. The Dawning of a New …

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Aug 01 2008

What a coincidence. SFGate corroborates girly math skillz

It must be true if it’s in SFGate: Sixteen years after Barbie dolls declared, “Math class is tough!” girls are proving that when it comes to math they are just as tough as boys. Because even after a sexist toy maker fails to successfully market imbecility, the onus is on girls to “prove” they’re human. …

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Jul 31 2008

How bigotry works

It will come as no surprise to you that one of the most requested articles at the website How Stuff Works is — you guessed it — “How Women Work.” How Stuff Works, which purports to expose the intricacies of such eternal mysteries as How Restaurant Pagers Work, How Becoming a Roadie Works, and How …

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Mar 30 2008

Bouteilian theory: a primer

Quoth blamer Cortney, in response to yesterday’s post on Russia’s new “women’s” vodka: “Bottles are totally phallic!!!!” One exclamation point per customer, please. But I’m glad you brought this up. As luck would have it, I am the world’s foremost bottle historian. Let’s suppose that when you say “bottles are totally phallic!!!!”, you mean what …

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Mar 21 2008

Hey ladies: Bummed out? Bend over!

Many sciencey researchers, if my Blaming Alert inbox is any indication, like nothing better than studying the mystifying sexual habits of women. Likewise, news editors like nothing better than to summarize this research in cornball patriarchy-friendly terms that even their readers can understand. Take today’s study, which purports to conclude, among other things, that depressed …

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Feb 20 2008

School to gay activist students: oppressing homos is an “issue of taste”

I note with no surprise whatsoever that homophobes in positions of authority continue to oppress teenagers in my old hood. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports today on a protest staged by a dozen high school students on the Belleville* courthouse steps. These students were protesting the bigoted tone taken by Belleville East High’s administration against …

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