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Oct 21 2007

Sunday storage tub blogging


Speaking of tubs and lids! This wacko tableau totally blew my mind! I’d like to take this opportunity to beg yall’s indulgence for just a little longer while I laze around not blogging. I Blame The Patriarchy, contrary to what longtime blamer MzNicky has suggested, is not dead. It is merely in a coma. I …

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May 30 2007



After the Twistolution, ‘hamburger’ will have more meaning than ‘woman’. Burger and onion rings at Phil’s Ice House, North Austin. May 2007. Yesterday I asked yew-all what the word ‘woman’ means. Thanks to those of you who answered; it was sporting of you, considering that I had just posted a curmudgeonly amendment to the Comment-o-festo …

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May 29 2007

Define this


One of the juicy morsels I et yesterday while not reading the blog comments: a multi-cultivar tomato salad with fried goat cheese and about 36 different herbs, made by my sibling Tidy, who, to the undiluted satisfaction of the Faster family palates, has been watching that smarmy Napa dude on The Food Channel. i have …

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May 26 2007

Thyreocorid bug of the week


Corimelaena sp. The Twisty Hemiptera Department, May 26, 2007. I adjourned to the bug paddock to snap this foto after throwing a copy of Newsweek across the room. It’s the May 21 issue, the one with a picture of a baby on the front. The baby is wearing a half pink, half blue wunzy. “The …

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May 22 2007

Yo, taqueau


Sentimental butterfly photo of the week: Anthanassa texana, the Texan crescent. North South Austin, May 21, 2007. I forgot, for a few days, that I have a blog. So many bugs to photograph, so many coffee shops to haunt. And let’s face it; is there really anything I can say about patriarchy that I haven’t …

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May 10 2007

Lesbians! Death! Babies!

How about this for a snappy headline: Dead sperm donor liable for lesbian child support What, exactly, is “lesbian child support,” you are undoubtedly asking yourself. You’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you. It’s just regular old child support — the kind dudes never want to pay. Why does The Daily Telegraph call it “lesbian …

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May 10 2007

Hating is fun-damental

I just found out that homosexuality is “an unnatural form of prostitution.” A pointy-headed Latvian Roman Catholic poobah, his synapses electrified with secret shibboleths whispered into his crusty ear by the ghost of a dead Jew from the Roman Empire, declined to enlighten the masses as to just what sort of prostitution he does consider …

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Apr 21 2007

Breaking news: Study shows women are “worse”

Thank the lard for websites like The Sydney Morning Herald. Without them, I might have lived out my days in ignorance of important American sexcientific research proving once and for all that “women are worse oglers than men.”* Researchers used impressive “eye-tracking technology” to suggest that when men are shown things like “sexual stimuli” or …

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Apr 14 2007

Some notes on revolution

While waiting for my rickety C-1000 super-automatic espresso machine to kick out the morning’s first cup of life-giving mud, I decided to skim through the responses to yesterday’s brief installment in the “Liberal Dudes Are Knobs” series. I was not surprised to see that some of the commentary reflects a somewhat unsophisticated grasp of the …

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Mar 15 2007

Public meatloaves of Austin, now, sadly, with Garrison Keillor


Somewhat better than lutefisk: the loaf of meat at a new joint on South Congress called, I am sorry to say, The Woodland. It is the sort of place that sells plates of “comfort food” for $12, has a fake tree growing in the middle of the room, and alludes to whipped potatoes as “mashers.” …

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