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The truth according to knobs, or, When Antifeminist Jagoffs Bloviate

Mar 05 2009

Spinster aunt curls lip as sexploitation reports pour in and jerks bloviate

Every day cops bust up prostitution rings in “sex sting” operations. The Exploitation Ticker-tape down at Spinster HQ clatters out the reports hourly. It is reassuring to know that law enforcement, pimps, and news media are working together around the clock to bring us this riveting rape culture entertainment. Here’s a fun one from Ohio: …

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Feb 20 2009

Two posts, two posts, two posts in one

What happened to yesterday’s post? It was an elegant elucidation of the manner in which the point of view, language, and tone of tabloid reportage supports rape culture. My glittering example of the sanitizing powers of the English language was an article in the Daily Mail reporting on the trial of 39-year-old flight instructor Paul …

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Jul 31 2008

How bigotry works

It will come as no surprise to you that one of the most requested articles at the website How Stuff Works is — you guessed it — “How Women Work.” How Stuff Works, which purports to expose the intricacies of such eternal mysteries as How Restaurant Pagers Work, How Becoming a Roadie Works, and How …

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May 03 2008

Junior English major pooh-poohs anti-violence campaign

When I finally slogged to the end of this essay (on how “average” men are deeply injured by activists who enjoin them to stop raping people), a cold, mirthless laugh erupted from the Twisty obstreperal lobe. The essay was signed “A.J. Cooke, junior English major.” Now it made sense. I was a junior English major …

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Apr 30 2008

Obnoxious Female Feminist Korner

This guy, writing at the Guardian, is under the impression that, not only is feminism about “equality,” but that he should be awarded “full membership” in the “feminist movement.” Why? Because of, apparently, his “remarkable imagination and sense of empathy.” Yeah, and I’ll be a woman of color blogger, too. Opinionator Khaled Diab purports to …

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Apr 11 2008

Atheist go home

The spinster aunt is, I suppose, what is generally described as an “atheist.” The term is regarded with a narrowed eye here at Blaming HQ, on accounta it presumes a natural state of “theism” from which the “atheist” is deviant. The dominant culture — is there anything the dominant culture can’t do? — forces us …

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Mar 21 2008

“Noted female authorette” won’t “vote with vagina”

When Oprah minion/lapsed Jew/”spiritual activist” Marianne Williamson isn’t penning such inspirational classics as Emma and Mommy Talk to God and Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships, she’s appearing on Rush Limbaugh — yeah, I thought he was dead, too, or at least in some sort of home — to explain “real feminist values.” …

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Mar 14 2008

Spinster weighs in on Spitzer

I’ve been away from my desk, but even without having spent the past 4 days jacked into the blogular Matrix of Snipe I know there have already been 57,932 posts about Eliot Spitzer. Here’s 57,933. Sorry. But the reader can dance the rhumba of relief, because I’m not gonna dwell on the surpassing extent to …

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Feb 21 2008

Apparently only virgins can publish books now

Check out this clip of TV newsblob/patriarchal minion Diane Sawyer questioning Madonna’s 1st Amendment rights. Why is Sawyer trying to keep a sister down? Because 15 years ago Madonna published a saucy coffee table book depicting simulations of human sex acts, that’s why. Which of course completely invalidates whatever claim to fully human status Madonna …

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Feb 21 2008

Pimpetarians of the Great Northwest

Great news for guilt-ridden pornsick knobs and the soy-addled hot babes who give’em lap dances: the vegan strip club. At this Portland, OR depot for human degradation, the strippers don’t wear leather, and the menu features fajitas made with fake meat. However, according to a writer who attended the grand opening, tofurkey wasn’t exactly the …

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