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The truth according to knobs, or, When Antifeminist Jagoffs Bloviate

Jun 02 2006

Comic Book Guys Are Stupid

Batwoman, Dominatrix

Bring on the “you’ve never read a comic book in your life, so whadda you know about it?” mail, but according to the AP, Batwoman is now queer, and as it’s the 5th most emailed story at the Chicago Trib today, I felt it my duty to curl the Twisty lip into a sneer of …

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Feb 04 2006

Boys’ Failure Directly Linked To Women’s Movement By Presumably Uneducated Colorado Teen

“Social philosopher and corporate consultant” Michael Gurian, the Dr Phil of boys’ rights activists The “boys’ achievement gap” in education–you know the one where too many girls are on the honor roll?– is now a bona fide phenomenon, and the cure for it appears to be allowing the young excrescences to swing from the chandeliers …

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Jun 10 2005

The Pie Fight Chronicles, Part II

Part II: The Hinge of Fate | Read Part I I rarely read DailyKos; its fratboy zeitgeist is too circle-jerky for my taste, and the commenters’ obsession with ratings, as well as their deep conviction that they and the Republicans are somehow worlds apart, is more than a little sad. And anyway, if anything crucial …

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Jun 09 2005

The Pie Fight Chronicles

Part I: The Gathering Storm Who doesn’t enjoy Burnt Orange Report, the popular Texas politics blog run by a handful of plucky, knowledgeable, articulate UT student Democrats? They are very serious about it, which is admirable, considering that Texas has the most dreadfully comical politics of any state in the union. Recently they even got …

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Jun 08 2005

Women. Always Making Stuff Complicated.

Unidentified doofus (not pictured: smokin’ hot, wisecracking wife) You know the Doofus. He’s one of the more repellent recurring characters in our cultural narrative, the balding, pudgy, slightly homely, solidly middle class guy with arrested development, limited mental faculties, and a heart of gold. His foil is the good-looking, intelligent, mildly acerbic wife whose slender …

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