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Apr 16 2011

The boundless American appetite for the agony of strangers in crisis

Who but a stunt driver with a death wish would attempt the insane Ben White/I-35 flyover?

According to the Blametariat, irrational fear of crows is a thing. Spinster aunts are award-nominated experts on irrationality, but this crow dealio was news to us down at HQ, where the tragic dearth of crows has long been lamented, especially since recently screening a PBS documentary on the extraordinary intellective powers of these birds. Still, …

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Apr 09 2011

Spinster aunt continues to be irked by Dove soap ads

This science picture shows how the surface of your skin is actually a miniature Chuck E Cheese foam ball sinkhole

The brilliant Sarah Haskins vanished from the infoMANIA television show in January 2010, and has somehow managed to elude Google on the subject of her current professional status. This is sad news for rabid fans like me, who would much prefer that, regardless of the personal costs to her, Haskins keep cranking out quality feminist …

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Mar 28 2011

“The media treats women like shit”

So says Margaret Cho in the trailer of “Miss Representation,” a documentary about how the media treats women like shit. This is the film I mentioned the other day wherein it is claimed that, at our current rate of reform, women will not reach parity with men for another 500 years. Here’s the trailer. The …

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Mar 23 2011

Spinster aunt takes a moment

No time to post! Awaiting me in the bunkhouse rec room are a plate of nachos, a frosty marg, and 4 hours of MacGyver on DVR. Do I recommend MacGyver as primo Savage Death Island viewing? You betcha. There are no actual butch TV action heroes, so I pretend MacGyver is a handy-dyke who exemplifies …

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Mar 14 2011

Women-in-Candy-Ads Korner

What is with this myth that cheap chocolate induces instantaneous orgasm in women?

Mar 13 2011

Only sub-human

dove-chocolate pantyhose-fail

UPDATE: As commenters are probably aware, the So-Called Trans Debate (SCTD) is officially over. I may have mentioned it in passing in this essay, but please be advised that henceforth at I Blame the Patriarchy it will be necessary to discuss femininity without holding another painful referendum on transgenderism. On this post, as is my …

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Feb 07 2011

Spinster aunt mutters in Yiddish

If you are anti-IBTP-on-Facebook — and no spinster aunt can blame you for that — you have been spared the recent grim ennui of a painful exchange between a dude named Alexander who fancies himself feministically enlightened, and a blamer named Ana who does not entirely concur with Alexander’s self-assessment. It’s a classic Clueless-Dude Time-Drain. …

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Jan 26 2011

Death by femininity, again

If only pornography was just dirty pictures. That would still be bad, but not as bad as the real actual truth. Pornography — that is, the graphic representation of violence against women — is in fact like unto a thick, noxious gas percolating through every conceivable stratum of human culture. Take this example of multi-tiered …

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Dec 18 2010

A lil bit of twerking and lifting


Patriarchy blamers are world renowned for their (professed) eschewment of cable television, so it is possible that you have not heard of the most misogynist TV show ever conceived. As an award-nominated professional bearer of bad news, I am here to correct this situation. The history of women’s degradation is long and colorful, but this …

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Dec 17 2010

Of knees and blood diamonds


No post today; the spinster knee must spend some time burning in the icy purgatorial fires of an MRI tube, the nearest one of which with an available appointment is all the way the heck in midtown Austin (midtown Austin is spitting distance from Cottonmouth County, but only if the spitter is 55 miles tall). …

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