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Evidence supporting the hypothesis that nobody wants to hear.

Jan 22 2012

Spinster aunt brushes up on a few laws

Yes, I just got through bashing the Huffington Post as unreadable and sexist, but while giving it one last nose-thumb I ran across this little piece of 411, posted on the UK site by “MSc Student and Boxing Dilettante” Elizabeth Plank: Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) met yesterday to discuss the games and draw up …

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Jan 10 2012

Consent is back!

In keeping with my new policy of barely writing posts ever, I suggest you check out this essay written by Lisa at A Radical Transfeminist. The article enlarges with no small eloquence on my favorite topic, women’n’consent. I snip a large-ish chunk of it here for your consideration. Here Lisa discusses the nature of the …

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Jul 05 2011

Same shit, different day: Part the Second

In which I say pretty much the same thing I said yesterday, only with bigger words and longer run-on sentences. Mark my words. Malignant narcissist Dominique Strauss-Kahn will get off scott-free, scattering in his smug, entitled wake a bloody trail of ruined lives torn asunder. Powerful elite white dudes simply don’t go down for rape. …

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Jun 27 2011

Spinster aunt answers eternal question “when should I dump him?”

Got a mean boyfriend who gets mad at you all the time? DUMP HIM. DUMP HIM NOW. Reluctant to completely change your life based on the exhortation of some random Internet feminist? Then at least try out for some No. 1 Verbal Abuse Information. Tragically, the entire website suffers from gratuitous Flash, which makes …

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Jun 26 2011

Buddhism sounds familiar

The other day I dared to impugn the feminist credentials of a global religious leader, head of state complete with palace and throne, and internationally revered dude whose every antic goes virtually unquestioned by the entire world. I caught a little flak for this impugnment. The impugnment to which I allude, of course, is that …

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Jun 09 2011

More man-hating fun

No time to post! But here’s a fun comment from blamer Fictional Queen. Enjoy. It’s awesome that a movement of women supposedly hating men is complete and irrefutable proof that [women are] wrong, but all the woman-hating men are Great Men and great artists and cool, admired role models, like rappers or rock stars or …

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May 23 2011

Girls in India: endangered species

No time to post! So I leave you with this remarkable remark from this morning’s BBC news feed, a story on the habit of certain segments of Indian society to selectively abort female fetuses, and the resulting “gender disparity” in India. “Clinics from Punjab were boasting that they had 10 years’ experience in eliminating girl …

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May 17 2011

Hugs, Twisty: rapist is asshole

Dear Twisty, Please Jill! Cast the jaundiced spinster eye apon the recent IMF rapist? I need your unique perspective. redpeachmoon Dear redpeachmoon, What luck! I just happen to have handy just such a perspective on the IMF rapist. However, you might not interpret it as particularly unique. It goes like this: That guy is a …

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Mar 19 2011

Spinster aunt reads comment on Dawkins website, wrinkles lip

Liberal dudes (and that boobquake chick) just love celebrity biologist Richard Dawkins. Even some Internet feminists may be said not to vomit blood at the mention of his name. Because no greater proponent of atheism than yours truly ever camera-stalked a Rio Grand turkey in the Texas Hill Country, even the Spinster Library contains a …

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Feb 07 2011

Spinster aunt mutters in Yiddish

If you are anti-IBTP-on-Facebook — and no spinster aunt can blame you for that — you have been spared the recent grim ennui of a painful exchange between a dude named Alexander who fancies himself feministically enlightened, and a blamer named Ana who does not entirely concur with Alexander’s self-assessment. It’s a classic Clueless-Dude Time-Drain. …

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