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Evidence supporting the hypothesis that nobody wants to hear.

Feb 06 2011

Spinster aunt too lazy to write essay, posts blamer comment instead

This short essay, written by blamer TwissB in response to yesterday’s anti anti-abortion bill post, is so swell it deserves its own page. TwissB is, as the kids say, (or used to say 5 years ago), teh awesome. Wow, you say, I wish she had a feminist reference website! Well, your wish is my command. …

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Feb 05 2011

GOP: “Let us bravely endure the deaths of impregnated women who can’t afford non-misogynist healthcare.”

Has it been 8 degrees for the past week in your little acre of paradise, causing rolling blackouts and catastrophic bunkhouse infrastructure failures? No? Then perhaps you’ve enjoyed electricity and its lovable sidekick, Internet/cable news access, allowing you to get a load of this bullshit: H.R. 358, the so-called “Protect Life Act.” This vile piece …

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Jan 16 2011

Hugs, Twisty: Pornsick dudes give blamer the screamin’ mimis

Blamers, blamers, blamers! Though my blogularity has been in remission lo these past weeks, I have missed you. The blog will return, I swear. Until then, allow me to resurrect one of my favorite recurring features. I allude to the “Hugs, Twisty” feature. You remember “Hugs, Twisty,” right? It’s where I publish a blamer email …

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Dec 09 2010

Pop psych mag cites evolutionary evidence for female fickleness

psychology today december 2010

Few pseudo-entities spook the spinster butt-boils like pseudoscience, and few pseudosciences are as a hot spork in a spinster’s obstreperal lobe like evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology rests on the shaky (often enpornulated) hypothesis that modern human social behaviors are actually species-preserving adaptations. Because evolutionary psychology, like all psuedoscience, is administered by jackasses who are heavily …

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Oct 26 2010

Mantid of the week

Greetings from Spinster HQ, O ye commenters and readers of comments! The “Latest Blamer Invective” sidebar function upon which you have come to dote so warmly has experienced a warp core breach. Two female characters with names are discussing it, and should have it back online before the third act. Meanwhile, please bask in the …

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Oct 19 2010

UAE , US pretty much sympatico re: domestic violence

Hey, patriarchy-deniers! Sit ‘n’ spin on this: Dr Ahmed al Kubaisi, the head of Sharia Studies at UAE University and Baghdad University, told the National that beating one’s wife is at times necessary to preserve family bonds. “If a wife committed something wrong, a husband can report her to police,” Dr al Kubaisi told the …

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Jul 26 2010

Spinster aunt has no time for you

This spinster aunt has no time for you people right now. So let us all praise blamer Phio Gistic, who sent in a link to some jaw-dropping shit that just went down in St. Louis Missouri, the mattress-stain of a town where, coincidentally, I spent the 25 worst years of my life. Naturally, what happened …

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Jul 11 2010

Do you mind if I stalk you up close instead of from across the room?


Sure, I’ll smile, if you take this match and light your fucking mustache on fire. This week’s Sunday Morning Hurl comes from misogynist dude site runs a recurring feature dedicated to “pickup lines.” A pickup line is a phrase used by suave movie bachelors and doofus TV sitcom knobs (and, apparently, by dorks …

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Jun 25 2010

Spinster aunt pukes on Jeff Koons (but it’s not Art Week yet)

Figure 7a. Are your boobs affected by gravity? Tit-tape ad promises product will banish unsightly boob saggage for 10 bucks. Product is an adhesive used to tape the top of your boob directly to your chest. TV commercial shown during Jeff Koons bio on the Ovation channel. I wasn’t expecting to discuss this dick during …

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Jun 12 2010

“Women withhold sex because men let them get away with it”

Feel like puking? Check out this crusty scab of human hatred from the Fox News website, a men’s advice column entitled “Reasons Women Withhold Sex.” I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “why would I feel like puking?” Or possibly, “why would anyone bother writing a men’s advice column entitled ‘Reasons Women Withhold Sex’ when …

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