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Evidence supporting the hypothesis that nobody wants to hear.

Dec 11 2009

Spinster aunt emerges from self-help section with inferior selection

It is considered “self-improvement” to “uncover the truth about men.” I know this because I have just read a paperback purporting to enlarge on this “men, revealed at last!” theme, and the words “self-improvement” are printed right on the jacket. I have to confess that, in reading this book, Little White Whys: A Woman’s Guide …

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Dec 06 2009

I got yer rape prevention email forward right here

It was on a recent comment thread that the subject of racial bias in abduction reportage popped up. I allude to the phenomenon where a white woman and a black woman may be kidnaped on the same day, but the news media only get overwrought about the white girl. The socio-pathology underlying the phenomenon is …

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Dec 04 2009

Hugs, Twisty: “I just need to commandeer your uterus for a sec.”

Rejected comment from reader bilbertson on an August, 2007 post entitled UterusWatch 2007, in which I discuss a couple of legislative efforts to restrict women’s access to abortion, one of which required written consent of the “father”: [Dear Twisty] I know I’m commenting on this much later than it was posted but I hope readers …

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Nov 29 2009

OzWatch ’09: Misogyny on Parade

Displaying an astonishing capacity for patriarchy-blaming, somebody in charge of public education in Victoria AU wishes to implement anti-violence-against-women training in a couple of schools. It’s called “Respectful Relationship Education.” Possible classroom activities include students acting out scenes of sexual coercion after which students would suggest more appropriate behaviour. […] They would combat common attitudes …

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Nov 28 2009

Spinster aunt reads amateur op-ed piece

Every morning Google sends urgent feminist alerts to my inbox. It’s hilarious, the contexts in which writers of Internet crap chuck that word “feminist” around. — Rihanna has a new album; she left her abusive boyfriend, so she’s a feminist icon now. — You can wear false eyelashes and still be a feminist. — What …

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Nov 21 2009

Funny sexism: harms outweigh benefits

The No Shit! Department at Spinster HQ brings you breaking news from 2007: Study shows that sexist jokes induce actual sexism! Two long years ago psychology researcher Thomas E Ford et al authored a paper revealing that when dudes sit around guffawing at dumb blonde jokes, they are more likely to cut funding to women’s …

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Nov 19 2009

American boobs used as political football, part 472

Regular readers know that, news-wise, CNN confuses me, and that I have all but kicked the NPR habit (it seems fantastic, but El Rancho Deluxe gets only one radio station, and it only plays one song: that Red Hot Chili Peppers slow dance where the dude yodels in that weird accent about how he doesn’t …

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Nov 15 2009

Same stupak, different day

I Blame the Patriarchy marches to the beat of a different news cycle, so this may be ancient history to you, but, Stupak! I propose that “stupak” be incorporated into common usage as a verb meaning “to ensure political victory by means of screwing women over bigtime.” My mind is not boggled that the health …

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Nov 14 2009

Raper’s Delight, Part 3

Remember back in December of 2005, when Canadian rapist Jan Luedecke got a free pass because his lawyers had successfully argued that their client’s “sexsomnia” is a legitimate medical disorder that renders the “sufferer” incapable of refraining from assaulting women in his sleep? Nothing, it will not surprise you to learn, has changed over the …

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Nov 04 2009

All Old Movies Still Suck

Of all the classic film genres I love to hate, I love to hate none more fervently than the mid-century sex farce. Mid-century sex farces suck. As you know, by “mid-century sex farce,” I of course mean “bogus fucking misogynist fantasy crap.” And no classic film is more mid-century-sex-farcical than the one I watched the …

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