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That which is so off da hook fucked up it blows the obstreperal lobe

May 29 2010

Spiny tree pig of the week

It’s a bastard Monty Python sketch around here: Spiny Norman meets the plummetin’ sheep. My Golden Retriever Bert treed this specimen. North American porcupine roosting in live oak tree, Cottonmouth County TX, April 2010. Here’s some No. 1 Science Porcupine Information: They’re the most longevitous of rodents, maxing out at 10 years, which is longer …

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May 16 2010

And they moved to Stars Hollow and lived happily ever after

This post would have appeared earlier, but I only just now got the gore and debris cleaned up. I allude to the obstreperal lobe tissue dripping from the bunkhouse rafters. That’s right, I blew another lobe, and no doubt you did, too, when you heard about the insane bill that just passed in Missouri. Missouri’s …

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Feb 06 2010

Grinning moron hates wife

Patriarchy-blaming is a crappy business. The Internet feminist must beware the fine line, or slippery slope, or pot-calling-kettle-black, or hoist-on-own-petard or what have you, when aiming the Super Spinster Truth-Ray at stuff. Attention must be paid to the potential stinkiness of one’s own role in the proceeding. Care must be taken to inspect the fists …

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Jan 13 2010

Cheap frills: spinster aunt views child beauty pageant on TV

Remind you of anyone?

This dude is charged with murdering a woman unfortunate enough to have married him — she documented his violent episodes in her diary — and the Beeb reports that she had a “volatile personality”? ! * * * * * * * * * * In other antifeminist news, yesterday the satellite dish at Spinster …

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Nov 29 2009

OzWatch ’09: Misogyny on Parade

Displaying an astonishing capacity for patriarchy-blaming, somebody in charge of public education in Victoria AU wishes to implement anti-violence-against-women training in a couple of schools. It’s called “Respectful Relationship Education.” Possible classroom activities include students acting out scenes of sexual coercion after which students would suggest more appropriate behaviour. […] They would combat common attitudes …

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Nov 16 2009

Spinster aunt has puerile episode

Attic black figure wine stompers, ca. 600 BCE

My sidekick Stingray is a professional wino. She can tell you the names of about 87 different species of fungus that grow on grapes. She speaks reverently of the Moldavian terroir. She goes around telling people what wine to drink with their fire-roasted frisée frittatas. Lately she’s been on this kick where she quits her …

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Nov 14 2009

Raper’s Delight, Part 3

Remember back in December of 2005, when Canadian rapist Jan Luedecke got a free pass because his lawyers had successfully argued that their client’s “sexsomnia” is a legitimate medical disorder that renders the “sufferer” incapable of refraining from assaulting women in his sleep? Nothing, it will not surprise you to learn, has changed over the …

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Nov 04 2009

All Old Movies Still Suck

Of all the classic film genres I love to hate, I love to hate none more fervently than the mid-century sex farce. Mid-century sex farces suck. As you know, by “mid-century sex farce,” I of course mean “bogus fucking misogynist fantasy crap.” And no classic film is more mid-century-sex-farcical than the one I watched the …

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Oct 16 2009

Ways In Which the Internet Sucks


Savage Death Island is happy to launch a new feature. It’s the greatly anticipated Ways In Which the Internet Sucks feature! We begin with a charming instance of Whataboutthemen?! appearing this morning on the Atlantic’s website. But first, the backstory: Meghan McCain — Young Republican, internet columnist, “Colbert Report” guest, and daughter of John — …

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Sep 29 2009

Breaking: patriarchy is actually real

Blamer maidden writes: While I understand Jill’s position on the badness of a member of the sex class performing a submissive role in the bedroom (or dungeon, as the case may be), I haven’t been able to find her opinion on the opposite situation: dominant women. Could somebody point me to the appropriate posts and/or …

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