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Dec 17 2008

Spinster aunt’s fake internet name rejected by Australian authorities

While traipsing along on one of those absorbing jaunts through the comments section, a couple of articles about baby names came to my attention this morning. Blamer Orange thought this item about the Queensland government cracking down on goofy baby names isn’t particularly blamey, but I disagree. I’ll explain why in a second. Here’s the …

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Dec 03 2008

Spinster aunt likes deer


Run, Bambi’s mom, run! No deer were harmed in the making of this photograph. My dog Bert was chasing her, though. He does this all the time, but so far the only mammal he has successfully run to earth is a skunk, and needless to say the skunk had the advantage in that stand-off. I …

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Nov 10 2008

Can’t have a bunch of fags queering the deal

How, one asks, wiping a drip of spittle from lips slackened in disbelief, do American voters simultaneously elect a black dude president and ban gay marriage in a single swipe of the always-reliable electronic voting machine? Well, I am the world’s foremost authority, so I’ve got a couple of theories. The Dawning of a New …

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Aug 30 2008

Pakistani senator calls killing women “tribal custom”

Spinster Aunt HQ was gonna be on holiday for another couple of days, but then I got an email from Apostate. Forget First Lady fashion; this pretty much defines the global humanitarian crisis that we routinely downplay as “patriarchy.” Hold onto your hats. Balochistan Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri stunned the upper house on Friday when …

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Aug 20 2008

Aussie mining town seeks ugly women

The seriously impaired mayor of Mount Isa is marketing a dude-heavy gender ratio disparity in his Australian outback town as an opportunity for “beauty disadvantaged women.” His idea is that female “ugly ducklings” can utilize the 5-to-1 male outnumberment to “transfer themselves with love and devotion” from hideous lesions on the face of eternity into …

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Jul 17 2008

Now baby can wear heels in bed, just like Mommy


I haven’t looked, but I suppose tidings of baby’s first high heels have already made the rounds of the feminist blogs. No matter; this ain’t no news blog. Anyway, what I allude to are these grotesque novelty shoes for infants. Sexy animal prints with spike heels. Thirty-five bucks a pair. Celebrity-endorsed. Blamer Melissa, who rang …

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Apr 11 2008

Atheist go home

The spinster aunt is, I suppose, what is generally described as an “atheist.” The term is regarded with a narrowed eye here at Blaming HQ, on accounta it presumes a natural state of “theism” from which the “atheist” is deviant. The dominant culture — is there anything the dominant culture can’t do? — forces us …

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Apr 02 2008

The continuing exploits of the fetus-lovers

Echidne’s views on the misogynist subtext of the story about the middle-schooler who recently miscarried on a plane precisely mirror my own. In case you missed it: 14-year-old kid is unwitting host to opportunistic growth. Growth becomes non-viable, and is summarily expelled by kid’s body while en route from New York to Houston on airliner. …

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Mar 31 2008

Saudi cleric lacks clue re: origin of social strife

PZ Myers is so hot right now! I check his blog, like, every 13 minutes. And lo, he rewards me, not with a nice picture of some wacky octopus, but with another godawful story about what he calls “daughter-slaughtering monsters” in Saudi Arabia. Yeesh. Seems that Dude became so enraged when he discovered his daughter …

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Mar 29 2008

Dallas fleabag motels packed to rafters as news of legal child sexploitation hits pedophile message boards

Whether this remarkable story has excursed the borders of Texas I know not, but just in case: Pedophiles Rights Activists are hooking up with the Sex Work Empowers Us, Bitch! contingent to dance in the streets and swill Natural Light in cans. That’s right; Dude Nation’s right to leer at degraded pubescent girls in the …

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