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Mar 12 2014

Spleenvent Wednesday: Web Snippets Edition

A few stories about women from my inbox this morning. • “The most powerful woman in Hollywood,” Disney exec Ann Sweeney, is planning to ditch her post when her contract’s up. She wants to direct TV shows. It’s so nice that a rich, successful white lady can get liberated from the prison of running Disney …

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Feb 19 2014

Rape culture: marriage’s evil(er) twin

The other day I posted a YouTube link to a short film wherein a hapless dude gets a beatdown in a “matriarchal” society. It was a sort of regenderization of a sexual assault set in a bizarro-world where women are the aggressors. I interpreted the tone of the director as something like, “OK, dudes, now …

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Jan 29 2014

Done with Downton

In yesterday’s comments blamer Lab Rat mentioned that she’d given up on Downton Abbey owing to Season 4’s now infamously sudden and disturbing rape story line. I’m with you, sister. Stinkin crapulence! But let’s face it: even before Downton writer Julian Fellowes went over to the Dark Side with his decision to rape the virtuous, …

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May 17 2013

Spinster aunt says something about rape on TV

A propos of the other day’s post on “The Bletchley Circle,” here’s a question what often comes up. Blamer Michelle writes: Are portrayals of rape on TV and in movies unavoidably misogynistic? I watched the Stieg Larsson movie awhile back – the Dragon Tattoo one — and was infuriated by the portrayals of sexual violence… …

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May 13 2013

Just when you thought you wouldn’t have to slog through a feminist analysis of “The Bletchley Circle”

Because she apparently isn't pitiful enough, the battered wife character is also attacked by a random stranger on a train.

You’ve heard that spinster aunts, their kiesters permanently affixed to their lime green recliners, are constantly monitoring the airwaves for examples of patriarchy-replication in male supremacist cultural narratives. Recently here at Spinster HQ we cast our jaundiced eye upon PBS mystery/period drama “The Bletchley Circle”. Four women, veterans of the eponymous WW II British code-breaking …

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Feb 28 2013

Hi, Mom!

Hottt! Pinkkk!

Hey, what about that 3-hour documentary on PBS the other night? I’m talking about “Makers: Women Who Make America,” a short history of the women’s movement in the US. Despite the title, during the station break a voiceover described the doc’s subject as “women who ‘helped’ shape America.” Women are helpers, yo, just in case …

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Aug 30 2012

Fifty shades of Gunsmoke

A propos of any befuddlement concerning the current popularity of corny BDSM novels: Last night while waiting for my orecchiette to cook, I flipped on the TV. It was a 60’s-era episode of “Gunsmoke,” the longest-running primetime TV series in American history. Here is the scene I saw: A Marlboro Man and a hot but …

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Jul 28 2012

Breaking Baddus Interruptus


Fully loaded ice bucket next to couch? Check. Bottle of Prosecco in it? Check. Bag of Funyuns? Check. That’s right. Time to watch the season premier of “Breaking Bad.” Wait! The phone’s ringing? Son of a bitch, phone off hook, not-check! Well, it was my mother. I always answer when it’s my mother because she’s …

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May 27 2012

Actor who has had the balls to utter “vagina” on TV: “It’s just an inherently funny word”


The sassy ubiquity of the hilarious word “vagina” in popular culture is the subject of this foofy article in the LA Times. Unmentionable for so long, referred to with euphemisms including “down there” and “hoo-ha,” the anatomically correct “vagina” has gone mainstream. It’s now become not just acceptable in many circles but fashionable. It’s being …

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Feb 27 2012

Spinster aunt admits she is entertained by sexist, honky TV show

When stealing images of Maggie Smith off the Internet, one may choose between sexy ones and witchy ones.

The morning after the Oscars — no I didn’t watch it, as Angelina Jolie’s Leg is fairly irrelevant in the life of a reclusive dirt farmer — seems as good a time as any to trot out one of my favorite themes. Which is: If misogyny didn’t exist, if the human uterus was not the …

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