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Feb 07 2012

PBS: Profiles in sexiness

Longtime readers are aware that hot flashes at 2 AM often oblige spinster aunts to engage in feverish channel-flipping. Last night, in the grip this plague, I encountered on PBS a riveting episode of “American Experience,” which series documentarizes and dramatizes the lives of iconic figures in American history. The subject of last night’s re-run …

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Jan 27 2012

Spinster aunt has a past


A propos of asexuality, which, devoted readers will recall, was discussed on this blog as recently as 2005, is the revelation — currently taking the nation by storm! — that Tim Gunn hasn’t had sex in 29 years. Who the hell is Tim Gunn, you ask? To answer that question, I must reveal something horrible …

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Nov 23 2011

Little Niggling Instances of the Redoubtable Efficacy of Patriarchal Oppression, Part II: Shit I Saw on PBS

Scully's baby

God, PBS sucks. Here’s why. PBS, though it wants you to believe that it’s above this sort of thing (which it tries to demonstrate, as I have noted elsewhere, by those promo spots wherein divers Attractive Sample Children of the World in colorful rompers leap across the screen in slow-motion), definitely shoulders its fair share …

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Oct 04 2011


Klean Kanteens make pretty girls smile, despite prune-hands from latex gloves. From Klean Kanteen website.

Central Texan spinster aunts on the go are apt to become desiccated if they don’t tote around cold, life-giving liquids at all times. For this reason I once possessed a thing called Klean Kanteen, an insulated steel vacuum bottle in which I stashed my iced coffee and filtered organic free range rainwater. Wheresoever I went, …

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Dec 17 2005

I Dislike Lucy

I wish I had never heard of patriarchy. Then I could take the path of least resistance, which, for the 21st century American woman (or any woman, anywhere, anytime), means feminine acquiescence to male authority. It is the job I was trained for from the cradle. If only I could embrace my cultural heritage instead …

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