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Sometimes there's good news from the trenches

Mar 02 2009

“The authors conclude that feminist stereotypes appear to be inaccurate”

I know. It seems implausible. But I read it on the Internet, so it must be almost true. Today’s headline comes from this here link, which I’m promoting from the comments because, although the article was published in October of 2007, it is so rare and unexpected and seemingly anti-antifeminist it deserves another look. The …

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Feb 06 2009

College sophomore is a feminist but

The recent meltdown at the Spinster HQ computer lab took with it the data* Phil and I’d been compiling on that interesting genre of student newspaper essays entitled “I’m not a feminist but.” This loss is a minor tragedy, because if I remember a-right, a pattern was beginning to emerge. And now we’ll have to …

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Jan 27 2009

And now the good news

Feminism, I am often told, is not some internet spinster aunt tapping away at a keyboard in rural Texas. It is a gang of vigilantes in poverty-ridden northern India, women who wear pink saris and kick actual ass. With sticks. I allude to the Gulabi Gang, a marauding justice league that uses shame and the …

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Jul 09 2008



Stanley eating hay: my Number 1 Jam. Nobody asked, but this is what I spend 9 hours a day looking at these days. Even if you don’t give a corn tortilla for hottt bay horses, you can see how looking at Stanley is more excellent than watching Dude TV, or reading blogs that say “Barack …

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Jul 20 2006

Just Click The Picture Already


[Gracias, Hedonistic Pleasureseeker, Pony]

Jan 20 2006

Johnson City Confidential

Whenever business takes me to Johnson City, TX, the ancestral home of Lyndon B Johnson, I make it a point to visit the Hill Country Cupboard for a plate of chicken-fried steak. Chicken-fried steak, for those unfamiliar with this primitive southern American tempura, is a thin slice of beef sinew that is battered, deep-fried, and …

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Oct 28 2005

He’s Gay, Jim

First, and most importantly: Sulu comes out at last! Second: Science Daily reports that the Netherlands is considering banning the burka on the grounds that it "could be used to conceal a terrorist." Which strikes me as completely cockamamie–since terrorists can just as easily be concealed in a pair of Dockers, or in a violin …

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Mar 31 2005

The Infamous Plastic Lawn of Barton Hills

The infamous Plastic Lawn of Barton Hills One of the things Zippy and I do every day is, we more or less hook it around Zilkerland at a brisk clip for an hour or so, to see what we can see (or in Zippy’s case, to sniff what we can sniff. Chacun à son goût). …

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