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Dec 09 2010

Pop psych mag cites evolutionary evidence for female fickleness

psychology today december 2010

Few pseudo-entities spook the spinster butt-boils like pseudoscience, and few pseudosciences are as a hot spork in a spinster’s obstreperal lobe like evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology rests on the shaky (often enpornulated) hypothesis that modern human social behaviors are actually species-preserving adaptations. Because evolutionary psychology, like all psuedoscience, is administered by jackasses who are heavily …

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Oct 26 2010

Mantid of the week

Greetings from Spinster HQ, O ye commenters and readers of comments! The “Latest Blamer Invective” sidebar function upon which you have come to dote so warmly has experienced a warp core breach. Two female characters with names are discussing it, and should have it back online before the third act. Meanwhile, please bask in the …

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Jun 18 2010

At Last! The End of Science Week

Quoth blamer Nails, “I am sick of science vs intuition and the deep questions that it brings forth. Alas, deep questions that make people sick are the bread and butter of a patriarchy-blaming blog. I have to admit, though, that this particular science vs intuition flap gave me a brain-wedgie. While I fully expect advanced …

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Jun 17 2010

Spinster aunt beats dead horse

This lone stinkhorn mushroom is the only entity anywhere in Cottonmouth County that doesn’t have a katydid stuck to it. Unsurprisingly, my award-nominated (I personally nominate all my work for awards, to compensate for the fact that, incomprehensibly, I am so often overlooked by committees) vid lampooning the anti-science lifestyle choice, has generated some jaundice. …

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Jun 16 2010

The video the real feminists don’t want you to see

Jun 12 2010

Spinster aunt registers lack of surprise

I knew it! We acknowledge that systematic meat sharing by male chimpanzees in expectation of, or in return for, immediate copulations might be discovered in future studies. However, current data indicate that such exchanges are so rare, and so different in nature from exchanges among humans, that with respect to chimpanzees, sexual bartering in humans …

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Jun 09 2010

Raw data, impartially presented

Total number of comments I Blame the Patriarchy has received since publishing my critique of Jason G Goldman’s article: 174 Number of death threats I’ve received in same interim: 3 Number of comments in same interim containing nothing but profanity: 17 Number of comments in same interim containing vaguely pro-dudebro garbled gibberish: 2 Number of …

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Jun 07 2010

Science dudes declare porn good, support claim with Danish graphs, flawed reasoning

woman of willendorf

The extent to which dudes just don’t get it fucking blows my lobe. While readin’ along over at the Scienceblogs, I encountered an essay entitled Just How Bad Is Porn, Anyway? Try to contain your surprise; it was authored by a dude. Whenever I see a science dude begin to muse on the philosophic value …

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Jun 04 2010

Bubble-breakings of a entire fool

Remember when you first got the Internet? I don’t, but maybe you do. Maybe you remember how kooky those first few spams were? Penis enlargement! Baldness! Impotence! Bwahaha! Nigerian princes with money trouble! Bwahaha! Etc. Alas, those days are gone. Spam remains dude-centric, like all manifestations of patriarchal culture, but now it’s all banal lists …

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May 29 2010

Spiny tree pig of the week

It’s a bastard Monty Python sketch around here: Spiny Norman meets the plummetin’ sheep. My Golden Retriever Bert treed this specimen. North American porcupine roosting in live oak tree, Cottonmouth County TX, April 2010. Here’s some No. 1 Science Porcupine Information: They’re the most longevitous of rodents, maxing out at 10 years, which is longer …

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