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May 28 2010

Spinster aunt has nothing better to do than bloviate on the same topic as yesterday

The argument has been made that intuition is superior to science because it is somehow free of the oppressive misogynist entanglements that encumber its dude-dominated counterpart. A spin-off of this argument says that, because academia has traditionally given (and continues to give) women the stink-eyed bum’s rush, science is antifeminist and, presumably, must be shunned …

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May 27 2010

Spinster aunt reveals her inner Firestone

Holy bajoly! The discussion on one of my recent posts has taken quite an unexpected turn. It went from the idea that women’s history has been erased/co-opted by the dominant culture to the idea that — I’m not even kidding — science is bad! Unfortunately I have to go and see a girl about a …

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Nov 21 2009

Funny sexism: harms outweigh benefits

The No Shit! Department at Spinster HQ brings you breaking news from 2007: Study shows that sexist jokes induce actual sexism! Two long years ago psychology researcher Thomas E Ford et al authored a paper revealing that when dudes sit around guffawing at dumb blonde jokes, they are more likely to cut funding to women’s …

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Nov 14 2009

LubeWatch ’09

Unidentified terrestrial object, September 2009. Fellow heartwarming nature crappists will recall that, although spinster aunts are closely related to mushrooms (in terms of a shared propensity to sprout on rotting logs), my mycological chops are not, perhaps, as finely honed as might be considered ideal. Thus I will refrain from positively identifying this appealing, orange, …

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Nov 11 2009

Hugs, Twisty: Blaming now a recognized science

I Blame the Patriarchy has won an award! Dear Blog Owner, Our website is a informational databases and online news publication for anything and everything related to science and technology. We recently ran a poll asking our website users regarding what online informational resources they use to keep up to date or even to …

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Apr 15 2009

All-girl ant species sends shockwaves through ant community

Having undergone a BBC news feed relapse, I discover some South American ants who live in “a world without sex.” But the BBC exaggerates for comic effect, because of course the ants do not live in a world without sex. They live in a colony without males. The article claims that these ants are the …

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Apr 08 2009

Primate week continues: the origins of prostitution

Yipes, that dang-ole BBC news feed! As mentioned yesterday, the thing infests the Twisty mainframe with a resilience matched only by the Great “Law & Order” Marathon of ’03. I allude to a dark interlude wherein my formerly happy-go-lucky keister became inexplicably fused to my lime green recliner while, according to a rigorous schedule, I …

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Jan 14 2009

Old crones get bum’s rush in Transplant-land

I’ve been called away on an aunting emergency, but before I waddle off into the wild blue, let me acquaint you with this particularly repellent little dollop of discrimination: older women are less likely than men to be listed for kidney transplants. Women over 75, in fact, are 59% less likely to be listed than …

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Mar 21 2008

Answers to burning, itching reader questions, Medical Prosthesis Dept.


Q: What does an artificial anus even look like? A: Like this:

Mar 21 2008

Hey ladies: Bummed out? Bend over!

Many sciencey researchers, if my Blaming Alert inbox is any indication, like nothing better than studying the mystifying sexual habits of women. Likewise, news editors like nothing better than to summarize this research in cornball patriarchy-friendly terms that even their readers can understand. Take today’s study, which purports to conclude, among other things, that depressed …

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