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Feb 16 2012

Spinster aunt prattles on about pornography

Metal Teapot, in the comments to a recent post, sez: I have grown up to believe that if a man says he doesn’t watch porn he is lying to you. I think, I’d rather a partner didn’t watch porn, but I’d also like several million dollars and to never have to work again. I certainly …

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Jan 10 2012

Consent is back!

In keeping with my new policy of barely writing posts ever, I suggest you check out this essay written by Lisa at A Radical Transfeminist. The article enlarges with no small eloquence on my favorite topic, women’n’consent. I snip a large-ish chunk of it here for your consideration. Here Lisa discusses the nature of the …

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Jan 07 2012

Insert better post on the tiny hate-filled mind of Rick Santorum here

Rick Santorum

The most popular national news stories currently on the CBS News website are hideous tales of sensational death. “Skydiver’s Fall Caught On Tape.” “Boy throws rocks at cars, shot by crossbow.” “Casey Anthony’s dad: Drugs killed Caylee.” “Horrified onlookers saw hikers go over waterfall.” “Tree crushes girl on Christmas day.” And apparently Osama bin Laden …

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Jan 03 2012

Shoe company to women: “you’re deformed.”

Red lines afflict all women's legs

Finally, a shoe company is using vagina marketing to leverage women’s UAEW (universally acknowledged essential weirdness) into profits! Behold the little insert I found in the box containing my new pair of Merrell hiking shoes. This riveting brochure explains that “women move differently than men.” This differentude, implies the brochure, is because of a deformity …

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Dec 26 2011

Thus spake Debbie Downer


Though the life of a spinster aunt is mostly fluffy and carefree, there are certain unpleasant situations wherein the Auntly Directive explicitly calls for taking the wind out of people’s sails. Sail de-winding has gotten a bad rap, as it has been embraced as bloodsport over the years by various do-gooders and buttinskis. Remember “tough …

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Dec 15 2011

That’s a more

Some day maybe I’ll write a post. Until then, two things. First, via PhysioProf, this: after millennia of sprain-free use by Romans in sensible shoes, they’re remodeling the streets of Rome to accommodate stiletto heels. Apparently the picturesque cobblestones of old are a hazard to the ligaments of pedestrians on Via del Corso who, though …

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Nov 23 2011

Little Niggling Instances of the Redoubtable Efficacy of Patriarchal Oppression, Part II: Shit I Saw on PBS

Scully's baby

God, PBS sucks. Here’s why. PBS, though it wants you to believe that it’s above this sort of thing (which it tries to demonstrate, as I have noted elsewhere, by those promo spots wherein divers Attractive Sample Children of the World in colorful rompers leap across the screen in slow-motion), definitely shoulders its fair share …

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Oct 04 2011


Klean Kanteens make pretty girls smile, despite prune-hands from latex gloves. From Klean Kanteen website.

Central Texan spinster aunts on the go are apt to become desiccated if they don’t tote around cold, life-giving liquids at all times. For this reason I once possessed a thing called Klean Kanteen, an insulated steel vacuum bottle in which I stashed my iced coffee and filtered organic free range rainwater. Wheresoever I went, …

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Sep 05 2011

Spinster aunt slowly emerges from stupor

It’s 69 degrees! It’s 69 degrees! My dendrites are free from waxy yellow build-up! So I thought I might as well enlarge on a point that seems to have sprouted some ambiguity of late, regarding my views on intersectionality. Here’s what Bushfire said: Twisty does focus on women’s oppression but she also makes it clear …

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Jul 31 2011

Spinster aunt dashes off some fluff, proceeds with overbooked Sunday

No time to post, but look at this, I got another head-pat from a dude! Hello, While I am a dude, and disagree with a lot of your worldview, I’d like to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re a very good writer and your posts are entertaining and thought-stimulating. Please keep …

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