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Jul 28 2011

What fresh old hell is this?

I thought I’d heard it all when it comes to the fine tradition of loving mothers forced by sicko patriarchal culture to inflict unspeakable sex-related tortures on their daughters for their own good, but I was wrong. I most regretfully bring you breast ironing. When I saw the headline “Breast ironing tradition in Cameroon” I …

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Jun 13 2011

Anecdote mania!

The author as funfeminist rocker

Why no post today? I’ve been in church. So in the fine old tradition where spinster aunts rely on blamers to supply content while they (the spinster aunts) are otherwise ocupadas, I declare Reader Anecdote Day. I know I’m always urging everyone to make with the analysis rather than the anecdote, but I read this …

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May 01 2011

Obscene British patriarchy-fest inspires a few auntly words on weddings

Royal broodmare in shuttlecock burqa

Marriage is the ultimate expression of compliance with the culture of oppression. It is the bedrock of misogyny, the ideal upon which heteronormativity is based, the primary unit with which patriarchy replicates itself. Thus does the spinster aunt die a little inside whenever one of her friends or acquaintances makes with the big announcement that …

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Apr 25 2011

Misogyny in the news: that’s entertainment!

You can always rely on news headlines to breathe a bit of life into the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women. For example, today’s two most popular stories on the KXAN Austin News website are Pregnant woman beaten in north Austin and Mom finds grown man in teen’s bed. You already know what these …

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Mar 26 2011

Incisive blamer commentary clippets of the day

Fig. 7. Unknown Artist. Kid trophy. 2009. Plastic and marble, 5 1/2″ x 3″. Collection of Finn Faster (age 5). From the colorful comments on the MacGyver post: Oppression is like kids’ soccer: we ALL get a trophy! — tinfoil hattie Hetero feminists are not all Stepford Wives, you know. — Jezebella If one partners …

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Mar 19 2011

Spinster aunt reads comment on Dawkins website, wrinkles lip

Liberal dudes (and that boobquake chick) just love celebrity biologist Richard Dawkins. Even some Internet feminists may be said not to vomit blood at the mention of his name. Because no greater proponent of atheism than yours truly ever camera-stalked a Rio Grand turkey in the Texas Hill Country, even the Spinster Library contains a …

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Dec 18 2010

A lil bit of twerking and lifting


Patriarchy blamers are world renowned for their (professed) eschewment of cable television, so it is possible that you have not heard of the most misogynist TV show ever conceived. As an award-nominated professional bearer of bad news, I am here to correct this situation. The history of women’s degradation is long and colorful, but this …

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Dec 17 2010

Of knees and blood diamonds


No post today; the spinster knee must spend some time burning in the icy purgatorial fires of an MRI tube, the nearest one of which with an available appointment is all the way the heck in midtown Austin (midtown Austin is spitting distance from Cottonmouth County, but only if the spitter is 55 miles tall). …

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Oct 21 2010

Boy story

Advanced patriarchy blamers have already strapped into their handydyke utility belt of blaming techniques the Bechdel Test. But a little refresher can’t hurt, so check out the vid. The Bechdel test dates back to the 80’s and Alison Bechdel’s iconic comic Dykes to Watch Out For. The test aims the Blistering Beacon of Blame at …

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Oct 19 2010

UAE , US pretty much sympatico re: domestic violence

Hey, patriarchy-deniers! Sit ‘n’ spin on this: Dr Ahmed al Kubaisi, the head of Sharia Studies at UAE University and Baghdad University, told the National that beating one’s wife is at times necessary to preserve family bonds. “If a wife committed something wrong, a husband can report her to police,” Dr al Kubaisi told the …

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