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Oct 19 2010

Little Miss Muffet


“Here is my question,” announces blamer JenniferRuth. “Can arachnophobia be blamed on the patriarchy?” The answer is yes! Patriarchy is the gnarly firmament of dominant culture, and nothing may exist outside it; therefore absolutely everything can be blamed on it. This, friends, is the beauty of patriarchy-blaming. Whenever one encounters, in the course of her …

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Aug 03 2010

Spinster aunt wastes time

Of the many time-wasting hobbies in which spinster aunts are known to indulge, one of the most beloved is the close reading — or megamicronalysis, to use the clinical term — of some passage of text or other. Why the close reading? Why not para-sailing? Why not chemical engineering? Because spinster aunts used to be …

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Jul 13 2010

Spinster aunt executes close reading of seemingly benign remark, exposes hidden meanings!

Adorable "trailer" is surprisingly un-trashy. "Eco-Cottage," 475 sq ft, by Nationwide Homes.

Thanks to yesterday’s involuntary contributors, Valerie, Dr Sarah Tonin, and Saphire. You kids are all right. Today I’ll be picking a few more nits on the same theme. If a theme may be said to possess nits. Queries blamer JenniferRuth on the subject of feminists gettin’ after other feminists for perceived infractions of the Unwritten …

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Jul 10 2010

Horrifying frizz experiences and other stories


Uh-oh! Sometimes I feel the patriarchy most of all with feminist groups, and the P leaves me alone on occasion in the real world. Hell, I turn off the TV and the patriarchy almost ceases to exist. Then I’ll be on a feminist committee and feel like women actually grouping together against the patriarchy are …

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Jun 27 2010

Art Week at last: read it and weep

Faster Family Art Factory, Jill Is Great, Collection of Spinster HQ, Gift of the Faster Nieces, 2010. The idea is legitimized by the frame! When rape apologists and misogynist pervs defend their crap-ass pornography as art, I say let’em. Well, first I say fuck’em, because they’re sociopaths. But then I say let’em. Let’em have that …

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Jun 18 2010

At Last! The End of Science Week

Quoth blamer Nails, “I am sick of science vs intuition and the deep questions that it brings forth. Alas, deep questions that make people sick are the bread and butter of a patriarchy-blaming blog. I have to admit, though, that this particular science vs intuition flap gave me a brain-wedgie. While I fully expect advanced …

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Jun 13 2010

Blamer Brain Trust Alert: Blamer seeks non-soul-crushing employment

Today’s cry for help is from one of our more prolific and incisive blamers, but I forgot to ask if I could use her real name, so until she outs herself she’s Blamer X. Dear Twisty, I just got out of a soul crushing HR meeting where I raised concern about the bosses of our …

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Jun 12 2010

“Women withhold sex because men let them get away with it”

Feel like puking? Check out this crusty scab of human hatred from the Fox News website, a men’s advice column entitled “Reasons Women Withhold Sex.” I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “why would I feel like puking?” Or possibly, “why would anyone bother writing a men’s advice column entitled ‘Reasons Women Withhold Sex’ when …

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Jun 10 2010

Hanging Chads of Savage Death Island bore the shit out of spinster aunt

Wow, I nip out to town for a couple of mahi tacos (diet cops, shut your yaps), stumble back to my desk, and discover that some dude named Jack has parachuted down to Savage Death Island, peered at the curious natives through a 2X magnifying glass, and pronounced (some of) us “smart.” Despite the fact …

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Jun 05 2010

Hugs, Twisty: Woman’s sex appeal is unbearable to knob coworkers

To: Twisty Faster From: maria m. miranda Subject: Jezebel: woman fired for being too sexy at job Message: I know Jezebel covered this, but I want YOU to write about it. Dear maria m. miranda, Nothing gives me greater pleasure than catering to the whims of complete strangers! Here’s my synopsis [pieced together from the …

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