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May 30 2010

Spinster aunt is only mildly inconvenienced by having to post something to her blog

Do I have time to write a post today? Hell, no! So I’m re-publishing an excerpt from one of Helen Huntingdon’s comments on the recent ultra-controversial science post. Do I have time to link to the specific comment? Hell, no! To read the whole thing, type “Helen Huntingdon” into the new search engine (over there …

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May 28 2010

Spinster aunt has nothing better to do than bloviate on the same topic as yesterday

The argument has been made that intuition is superior to science because it is somehow free of the oppressive misogynist entanglements that encumber its dude-dominated counterpart. A spin-off of this argument says that, because academia has traditionally given (and continues to give) women the stink-eyed bum’s rush, science is antifeminist and, presumably, must be shunned …

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May 17 2010

“The Czech-born supermodel teamed her Dolce and Gabbana LBD with bondage heels.”


Images In Modern Patriarchy Quiz Match the following captions to the celebrity red carpet collages below (or suggest your own): Caption 1. “The world is my oyster.” Caption 2. “I am paid to be your fantasy but nevertheless I feel violated by your relentless, prurient gaze.” (Alternately: “Fine, take the boobs, but you’re not getting …

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May 16 2010

And they moved to Stars Hollow and lived happily ever after

This post would have appeared earlier, but I only just now got the gore and debris cleaned up. I allude to the obstreperal lobe tissue dripping from the bunkhouse rafters. That’s right, I blew another lobe, and no doubt you did, too, when you heard about the insane bill that just passed in Missouri. Missouri’s …

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Mar 30 2010

Scum: not the real enemy


Sick of beauty? Dang it, me too. That’s why I’m posting on it more or less nonstop. Blamer Magriff, reading yesterday’s post on how beauty is dumb, suggested that for crying out loud, people, shut the fuck up about beauty. She based her suggestion on the notion that writing about beauty merely perpetuates its evil …

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Mar 29 2010

I like pie

Feminists always have to go around explaining that they don’t hate men. The man-hater accusation is the standard response to anything a feminist might say. Feminist: One in five women will be sexually assaulted on campus by the time she graduates. Antifeminist: You’re just a man-hater! Feminist: But I’m quoting a report from the Department …

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Jan 28 2010

Original iPad joke

Remember this vid from the Jerktassic Epoch? Jokes about menstruation are hilarious because menstruation is gross and alluding to it is fucking transgressive.

Jan 28 2010

Spinster aunt begins post with “I,” tells anecdote

I recently blew out a lobe laughing a cold, ulcerated laugh. It happened yesterday, when my sibling Tidy told me a sad tale of Christian insanity, which tale I now relate to you, right after I bore you with some background details. For reasons that, to my surprise, turned out to be none of my …

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Jan 25 2010

Mockery Korner

I regret that today’s post is one of those posts in which I recycle a couple of reader comments from the trash bin, because they express comicalness. Today’s are both dudely. In our first example, the author alludes to some Japanese fetish footwear I pictured in a post way back in the Osteopassic Period. I’ve …

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Jan 13 2010

Cheap frills: spinster aunt views child beauty pageant on TV

Remind you of anyone?

This dude is charged with murdering a woman unfortunate enough to have married him — she documented his violent episodes in her diary — and the Beeb reports that she had a “volatile personality”? ! * * * * * * * * * * In other antifeminist news, yesterday the satellite dish at Spinster …

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