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Patriarchy defined

Nov 22 2011

Little Niggling Instances of the Redoubtable Efficacy of Patriarchal Oppression, Part I

Certainly nothing will delight you more than to be apprised of a few instances of patriarchal oppression noted in and around Spinster HQ over the last 48 hours (I originally wrote “24 hours” but I forgot to finish the post yesterday). Two are from real life, and two originated on PBS. I’ll do the PBS …

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May 22 2011

Brit royals pay homage to unidentified cartoon

royal cartoon

Origin unknown. Sent in by Tidy.

Jun 27 2010

Spinster aunt rips off dudely comedy-joke from Internet

From PunditKitchen [ ]

[From PunditKitchen via jobsanger.]

Oct 14 2009

Spinster aunt differentiates between “graphic violence” and “feminism”

Hey! Roger Ebert! A Hollywood movie with a plot device involving a female assault victim “turning the tables in an extended sequence of graphic violence” is not a “feminist revenge picture.” It’s merely a revenge picture.

Sep 29 2009

Breaking: patriarchy is actually real

Blamer maidden writes: While I understand Jill’s position on the badness of a member of the sex class performing a submissive role in the bedroom (or dungeon, as the case may be), I haven’t been able to find her opinion on the opposite situation: dominant women. Could somebody point me to the appropriate posts and/or …

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Sep 17 2009

CrotchWatch ’09

Today Spinster HQ kicks off our much-anticipated new feature, CrotchWatch ’09. Through CrotchWatch ’09 we’ll keep careful tabs on global genitalia. Because the state of being female is a medical condition, we’ll start with NetDoctor. NetDoctor is a UK-based health tip website. It contains “all you need to know about the prevention, treatment and management …

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Jul 21 2009

Spinster aunt has no time to title post on Apollo 11

Any nerd, geek, dork, or other-type-genius of a certain age who suffered no pang of nostalgia this week during the wah-hoo over the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission might want to have her obstreperal lobe checked for leaks. I offer a few unconnected remarks on the subject. The remarks are unconnected because in …

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May 11 2009

Spinster aunt suffers bilious post-Mother’s Day aftermath

Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet ’09: How weak are the University of Texas Golf Club mimosas? I had to give the kid like 4 of’em before she would consent to pose with cherry-eyes. Photo by Tidy Faster. Another Mother’s Day come and gone. It seems like only yesterday. It will cause no one’s world to come …

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Apr 09 2009

Spinster aunt says “fuck this” and “fuck that”

You can heave your sigh of relief; no BBC News chimp-biology-is-human-destiny post will be inflicted on you today. Not that every effort wasn’t made. But inexplicably, this morning’s Beeb feed was all full of non-ev-psych patriarchy stuff. The headlines all sounded like paperback bestsellers or Hollywood blockbusters. “Cyberspies infiltrate US power grid.” “How can pirates …

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Apr 07 2009

Protuberance Korner

Fig. 17.b. Behold not one but two genera of the world's most scintillating fungus orders: earthballs. Pisolithus tinctorus (left) and scleroderma bovista. Both fungal globs are the size of your fist. The field guide describes them in terms of tennis balls: half-buried, semi-deflated, and lost for some time. Don't eat'em! You'll puke and puke, just like when you read the BBC news feed.

No doubt you are deeply embarrassed for me, my having developed the unseemly habit of reading the BBC news feed, selecting a grotesque headline from the “Health” section, and dropping it at your feet like some slavering dog with a half-dead rat. And no doubt what I am about to say will raise the concern …

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