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Apr 23 2007

“Culture of Domination” remix

Hey, remember a blurb I wrote a while back referencing a photo-filled post at a dormant blog? The one called “Cultures of Domination,” which illustrated, with hideous eloquence, the alarming extent to which the paradigm of dominance and submission invisibly saturates human culture? But it took forever to load? So most of you never saw …

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Mar 06 2007

Tuesday T&B


Photo by Hubble. Luridity by Twisty. I’ve just come from the science fiction thread that sprouted incomprehensibly alongside the Shulamith Firestone discussion (I’m still pondering the nature of the mass hysteria enthusiasm that conceived this conjoined intellective twin situation). I observe that the thread is attempting, with as little success as usual, to cough up …

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Mar 05 2007

Firestone Theater

[Read the first chapter of Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex here.] When I hauled out my Dialectic of Sex for the first time in years, I encountered this on the first page: The first women are fleeing the massacre, and, shaking and tottering, are beginning to find each other. Their first move is a …

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Feb 04 2007

The professor and the jerk

The gripping tale of a young spinster aunt’s feminist epiphany The year is 1983. I’m in year 5 of a four-year liberal arts program. Portents abound to suggest that my contributions to Western civilization will be few, if any, and destined for the realm of the ideal rather than the practical. By which I mean, …

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Jan 26 2007

And now, the good news

Perhaps you’ll recall the LA Times story from last summer wherein journalist Claire Hoffman recounts the physical and verbal abuse she endured while interviewing repulsive “Girls Gone Wild” slimebag pornographer Joe Francis. Hoffman’s story begins thusly: “Joe Francis […] has my face pressed against the hood of a car, my arms twisted hard behind my …

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Jan 22 2007

Radical Feminist Literacy Program, Part A: Firestone


It’s been semi-announced already, but for those who prefer a structured warning to subtle intimation: It is written that there will probably transpire, at this here blog, on or about March 1, 2007, a discussion of sorts on a pre-ordained topic. While the future is, ultimately, unknowable, that topic is foreseen to be Shulamith Firestone’s …

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Jan 13 2007

Chumps and niceguys

I know. Niceguys are too easy. So, to preemptively counteract the ensuing fluffiness, first allow me to bash a chump by expressing my disbelief over a Boulder homeless shelter’s having put the hush on their decision to admit a convicted “sexually violent predator” into a residence populated by victims of just such predation, which victims …

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Jan 13 2007

Adam Flockhart, creeping asshole

Some banker asshole in Edinburgh has been sentenced to community service for “creeping” into a room containing a sleeping woman, which woman he proceeded to grope. How original. He repeated this pathetic performance at least once more with a different woman a year or two later. His lawyer avers that “alcohol lay behind the offences.” …

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Jan 12 2007

Twisty at the movies


“Rape of the Sabine Women” 1583. Giovanni de Bologna [or, as he is known in professional circles, John of Baloney] reveals the sublime beauty in a good, classic rape. Like many delusional Americans, I shell out a handsome monthly stipend to the Time Warner Cable Company. And for what? Once, about five years ago, I …

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Jan 10 2007

Wales Watch ’07: From Godbags to Handbags


If my newsbot is to be trusted — and why shouldn’t it be; it’s dudely software maintained by a big-ass conglomerate — I calculate that a new survey is perpetrated on “3000 people” somewhere in the world about every 13 seconds. Lard love a survey. How else would big-ass conglomerates, or people whose empty souls …

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