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Jan 09 2007

Notes from Godbaggia

Because blind faith in an invisible, omnipotent, human-obsessed deity is asinine no matter who’s doin’ it, it is difficult for the spinster aunt to whip up much in the way of an enthusiastic froth over the news that some bishop in Wales has publicly reversed his opinion on ordination of women priests. When I say …

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Jan 03 2007

Dimple Appreciation Studies 101

By now you will have heard that Oprah has opened a “state-of-the-art $40 million school” for disadvantaged girls in South Africa. Her intention is to export firstworldy Opraliciousness to an impoverished, AIDS-ravaged nation through a few hand-picked middle-schoolers. The premier featured Hollywood celebrities autographing books for the library. Before I elaborate on what could possibly …

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Jan 02 2007

The smoke clears


Unrelated foto-du-jour: my 3-year-old niece Rotel Faster, in cow-print jammies, at the moment of impact after having been chucked into a puffy chair I’ll be out of the office for the next day or two, but before I biff off I’d like to express my appreciation to those readers — particularly those who emailed me …

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Jan 01 2007

A nostalgic look back at two thousand sex


Author scientifically displays precise location of Battle Creek, MI This morning I observe without surprise that the Battle Creek Enquirer of Battle Creek, Michigan — the breakfast cereal town where I spent the fourth and fifth years of my tragic childhood — is, like every other publisher of anything in the world, running one of …

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Dec 30 2006

Twistolution, Part 36

Well, it has certainly been a revolting couple of days here at Twisty HQ. The righteous indignation emanating from every cranny, including the cranny I at this moment inhabit, is making my boob scars itch. One thing is clear: I can’t stop people from having stupid ideas. I can’t even stop myself from having’em. And …

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Dec 29 2006

Ball State basketball team addicted to dudes

The intercollegiate basketball team in question has been using dude practice players for 8 years, attributes their team success to the dude practice players, and despite an upbraiding from the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics that using dude practice players “violates the spirit of gender equity and Title IX [and] results in diminished participation opportunities …

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Dec 28 2006

“Sad sad England”: blokes to be held accountable for raping drunk, disgusting women

Well, here’s something. A new law up for consideration in the UK would deem a drunk woman incapable of giving consent for sex. You see where this is going? You grasp the cunning plot? Predictably, there is mucho pained outcry from British subjects who are loath to see an important source of pussy evaporate. Witness …

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Dec 28 2006

Twisty’s Grody Media Korner

A glance through narrowed eyes at some recent headlines reveals that a class of subjects identified as “women” are widely reviled in the online media as messed-up, insatiable, dead, guilty, and of course, pregnant. “Women are greater love cheats than men!” [] The joyous fact of women’s’ natural slutty duplicity is distilled by this news …

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Dec 27 2006



This post has been (vastly) modified from the original to reflect reader concerns that its previous content — including an external link to a blog post concerning a specific arranged marriage — may have actually endangered the life of its subject. I have also purged related comments. This may or may not be a hamfisted …

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Dec 26 2006

Women are aliens, part 74

Hey girls. Wanna make a buck in a man’s world without having to rub your tits in anyone’s face? How about this: charge men a fee — say $795 a month — for explaining to them the mysterious, bizarre ways of women, so that these men may then make a buck off the women, thus …

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