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That which pertains to legislation and legislators who knobjectify women.

Feb 27 2014

Spleenvent Thursday: Arizona guv vetoes godbag bill

I know, I know, I’m phoning it in, but, in the interest of keeping up a blaming head of steam, the Spleenvents are going to be a semi-regular feature until such time as I whip my blaming schedule into something resembling a shape. I’ll probably have a real post up by this afternoon, but until …

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Feb 23 2014

Planet Earth: what a wacky place to be gay

Here’s what happened: The other evening after tacos my sidekick Stingray and I were lounging around slurping down an extra bottle of wine. Whereupon, as is inevitable with that level of saturation, two developments transpired. 1. I Spotified Madonna and started busting a move 2. LGBT politics became the topic of conversation Stingray mentioned a …

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Feb 14 2014

A gal can have facets

Ann Richards used to follow me everywhere. Las Manitas, Austin TX, 2004.

Wendy Davis, as Time magazine has said, is no Ann Richards. Well, duh. As surprising as this may be, it’s not the 90s anymore, either. [My close personal Twitter friend George Takei tweeted this recently: ] Seriously, what’s with the incessant comparisons of Davis to Ann Richards? [And they are incessant; try searching Ann Richards …

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Sep 07 2012

Blamer speaks for absentee aunt

My riveting post on “Roseanne” and “Rizzoli & Isles” will have to wait; on the subject of abortion “rights” in the US, here (from the comments on a recent post) is veteran blamer TwissB articulating pretty much what I would say if I had 20 minutes to slap together a paragraph: You have to wonder …

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Aug 20 2012

Genius politician/human reproduction expert Todd Akin

Veteran blamer Liza sneaked this link into the comments on yesterday’s post: the pinkfaced Republican genius running against Missouri senator Claire McCaskill has breaking news about human reproduction. According to nominee Todd Akin, women possess heretofore unheard-of “biological defenses” against any pregnancy that might result from a thing he calls “legitimate rape.” That women can …

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Jun 21 2012

Ladyjunk strikes fear in hearts of Michigan ledge

Cast your mind back, back, back through the mists of time to the craggy cliffs of the distant past, and you may recall a little blurb I wrote on the subject of the vaginafication of pop culture. Media personages, in an effort to enhippen themselves using the time-honored technique of women’s objectification, have taken to …

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Feb 10 2012

VAWA in hot wa-wa

The Violence Against Women Act — VAWA — has had a rough time in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. It needed to be “reauthorized” for some reason — Congress probably needs decide every five years or so whether throwing a bone at abused women will win them votes — and, brace yourself for a …

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Feb 01 2012

Blamer exhibits devilish cunning

You may have followed a link I recently posted, wherein it was revealed that in the State of Texas it is now considered perfectly awesome to force women seeking abortions to undergo a repellent, rape-like pronging with a vaginal ultrasound probe during which the state-controlled doctor forces them to listen to irrelevant, non-medical blather about …

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Jan 07 2012

Insert better post on the tiny hate-filled mind of Rick Santorum here

Rick Santorum

The most popular national news stories currently on the CBS News website are hideous tales of sensational death. “Skydiver’s Fall Caught On Tape.” “Boy throws rocks at cars, shot by crossbow.” “Casey Anthony’s dad: Drugs killed Caylee.” “Horrified onlookers saw hikers go over waterfall.” “Tree crushes girl on Christmas day.” And apparently Osama bin Laden …

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Nov 10 2011

Whew, that was close

Zygote: "Suck it, human host! I rule and you're Number 2!"

Wouldn’t you know it, my office was recently swallowed up by a quantum vortex-oscillation anomaly, so, obviously, I haven’t been able to get much blaming in. However, the subspace crystalline entity hasn’t yet been spontaneously generated that could prevent this professional spinster aunt from discharging two of her most cherished duties: recognizing a human rights …

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