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That which pertains to legislation and legislators who knobjectify women.

Sep 03 2009

Spinster aunt complains about Ted Kennedy

One of the reasons this spinster devotes fewer and fewer aunt-hours to reading blogs these days is the increasing likelihood that I will encounter something along the lines of “You call yourself a feminist? Shame on you for not writing about blahblahblah.” Whereupon the blogger in question writes sanctimoniously about blahblahblah. I fucking hate that …

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May 27 2009

Spinster aunt has an appointment in town, so this is all the post you get

Venomous sicariid (male) enjoying its last heartwarming moments in the Spinster Araneae Compound. May 2009. U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said Tuesday that North Korea is “trying to test whether they can intimidate the international community” with an underground nuclear test and launching of short-range missiles. Well, color me intimidated, Susan. Whenever crazy dictators start blowing …

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May 26 2009


Picture Obama giving this patronizing hug to a dude Supreme.

Apr 13 2009

Texas state rep needs reprogramming

Texas State Rep. Betty Brown, racist tool

Not all Texans, I regret to say, are easygoing, progressive thinkers. State Representative Betty Brown, for example, is a tool. Betty Brown just can’t wrap her brain around the fact that some certified 100% Texans have Asian names. This is because her brain has the philosophical sophistication of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Texans should have …

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Apr 09 2009

Spinster aunt says “fuck this” and “fuck that”

You can heave your sigh of relief; no BBC News chimp-biology-is-human-destiny post will be inflicted on you today. Not that every effort wasn’t made. But inexplicably, this morning’s Beeb feed was all full of non-ev-psych patriarchy stuff. The headlines all sounded like paperback bestsellers or Hollywood blockbusters. “Cyberspies infiltrate US power grid.” “How can pirates …

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Mar 31 2009

The power of porn

The spinster aunt typically leads a quiet life, so naturally the sordid movie-viewing habits of British politicians ignites an enormous conflagration of interest here at HQ. When the sunny skies, cool breezes, and furry woodland creatures start to wear on the nerves, one turns to the Internet for titillating news from Parliament. Huff-Po doesn’t disappoint! …

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Mar 31 2009

Schmucknozzle of the Week: Hamid Karzai

You know that zany, completely unfounded Unified Patriarchy Theory proposed by eccentric spinster aunts and certain other women who advocate flat shoes? The theory that defines patriarchy as a culture of domination composed of default humans (males) who maintain dominion over everyone and everything else, including a class of indentured sex receptacles (women)? The theory …

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Mar 05 2009

Spinster aunt curls lip as sexploitation reports pour in and jerks bloviate

Every day cops bust up prostitution rings in “sex sting” operations. The Exploitation Ticker-tape down at Spinster HQ clatters out the reports hourly. It is reassuring to know that law enforcement, pimps, and news media are working together around the clock to bring us this riveting rape culture entertainment. Here’s a fun one from Ohio: …

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Feb 17 2009

North Dakota lege to women: “Murderer!”

Meanwhile, in North Dakota, life officially begins at conception (you remember conception; it’s when the sacred seed of life enters a lady and spreads Jesus around inside her tummy.). So sayeth a nice piece of misogynist, uterus-colonizing legislation that passed the state House of Representatives yesterday, 61 to 31. If the bill passes the senate, …

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Jan 31 2009

State senator claims ownership of Nebraska uteruses

Add Nebraska state senator Tony Fulton to the thick and oily list of misogynist fuckwads who thinks he knows better than you who should own and administrate your personal internal organs. Fulton is sponsoring one of those wackaloon anti-abortion bills requiring that women seeking abortions undergo an ultrasound procedure and be forced to view the …

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