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That which pertains to legislation and legislators who knobjectify women.

Jan 24 2009

Gag rule bagged for 4 years

But don’t think you’ll never see it again I’m as pleased as six pigs that Barack has Obamanated the international gag rule that prevented federal dough from being doled out to overseas abortion providers. It’s high time that white American godbag dudes got their bible-stained paws off of global uteruses. But Barack Obama is not …

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Nov 10 2008

Can’t have a bunch of fags queering the deal

How, one asks, wiping a drip of spittle from lips slackened in disbelief, do American voters simultaneously elect a black dude president and ban gay marriage in a single swipe of the always-reliable electronic voting machine? Well, I am the world’s foremost authority, so I’ve got a couple of theories. The Dawning of a New …

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Sep 11 2008

Spinster aunt suffers from bridge-to-nowhere fatigue

The big push to relocate Spinster HQ to points west has begun in earnest. I’m swamped already, but apparently there is a hurricane tearing through the Gulf of Mexico with Texas’ name on it, which really puts a hitch in my gitalong. Everyone in Austin is in a panic. The local news makes sure of …

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Aug 23 2008

Asinine NPR story of the week

It was inevitable that, while listening to the radio during my semi-annual shower, I would hear an NPR analysis on the outfits worn by the presidential candidates’ wives. Ever on the cutting edge of popular culture, NPR hauled Jackie Kennedy’s ancient stylist out of cryogenic storage to canvass her edgy up-to-the-minute views on politics and …

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Jul 11 2008

Canada anoints dude


Unrelated bucolic photo of the day: my boyfriend Stanley on horse-shoeing day. He doesn’t grow any heel on his left fore. It’s so problematic! Great Scott! Canada has handed out a big gold loving cup to a dude abortion rights activist! That’s right. Dr Henry Morgentaler, pioneer abortion provider, gallops home with an Order of …

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Jul 09 2008

Fuck Obama, fetus brown-noser

Shall I rip my own mentally distressed head off now, or wait until after the election? Barack Obama waxed not-so-poetic about late term abortion, the federal abortion ban and the validity of mental health exceptions in said ban to the Christian magazine Relevant last week, telling the interviewer that states should have the right to …

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Apr 28 2008

Fetuslove, Canadian-style

As a Texan lesbo spinster aunt, I am the world’s leading authority on Canadian abortion law, so when I got an mass email from Bonnie Gembey at LEAF Manitoba that said, “Ladies, the Harper government is up to its usual shenanigans again,” I knew just what to do. I went straight to Google and looked …

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Apr 22 2008

MO State House: “Women are morons”

Let us now turn to an abortion story that ought to be a hoax but isn’t. And so it came to pass that the Missouri state House gave a big thumbs-up to a bill that, among other things, would require abortion providers to “offer pertinent information” to women 24 hours prior to their procedures. The …

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Mar 23 2008

It’s all about me

I just had a depressing conversation with Stingray, which she began thusly: “Well. It looks like Hillary’s goin’ down.” She was bummed. Stingray wants a woman president, and she wants her now. She enlarged on her point. It’s not so much that Hillary’s politics are destroying her, but the fact that, whether she advertises it …

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Mar 14 2008

Spinster weighs in on Spitzer

I’ve been away from my desk, but even without having spent the past 4 days jacked into the blogular Matrix of Snipe I know there have already been 57,932 posts about Eliot Spitzer. Here’s 57,933. Sorry. But the reader can dance the rhumba of relief, because I’m not gonna dwell on the surpassing extent to …

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