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That which pertains to legislation and legislators who knobjectify women.

Jan 11 2008

An unexpected, but inevitable, post

Oh heck. I feel like a heel, because I ain’t dead, or all that sick, even. Which leaves pure orneriness as the explanation for the recent paucity of blogular patriarchy-blaming. By which I mean, there are 237 reasons why I haven’t posted in quite a while, but none of them have to do with the …

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Aug 19 2007

UterusWatch 2007

Fans of compulsory pregnancy should be pleased that a new law in Missouri, taking effect next week, will put the government all up in women’s business and further solidify the state’s claim to ownership of American uteruses. The law twists the coathanger in several gruesome and trendy directions. For instance, suddenly abortion clinics will have …

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Apr 20 2007


I’m still off duty, but goddammit, some political gasbag on the radio has proclaimed a National Day of Mourning for the murdered Virginia Tech students. On such occasions the first thought that coils up in my obstreperal lobe, ready to spring, is this: oh please. I hope I don’t shock the delicate reader with my …

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Apr 14 2007

Some notes on revolution

While waiting for my rickety C-1000 super-automatic espresso machine to kick out the morning’s first cup of life-giving mud, I decided to skim through the responses to yesterday’s brief installment in the “Liberal Dudes Are Knobs” series. I was not surprised to see that some of the commentary reflects a somewhat unsophisticated grasp of the …

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Apr 08 2007

Queasy persiflage

Because they function as the flappy lips of patriarchy, newspapers print almost nothing but updates on the crazy men who run the world, sappy sentimental bullshit, and asinine misogynist lies all the time. Yesterday’s Washington Post Op-Ed on the unfitness of women for military service combines all three in one nose-blowingly irritating essay. In her …

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Feb 25 2007

Chicks-running-for-high-officewatch ’07


Unrelated Live Music Capitol of the World photo of the day: the alley behind the Continental Club, South Austin, February 2007. This isn’t the kind of post that drives traffic to the blog since it’s not about blow jobs, but it is nevertheless of some relevance to the patriarchy-blaming community that Mayan Quiché leftist/feminist/Nobel Peace …

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Jul 20 2006

Just Click The Picture Already


[Gracias, Hedonistic Pleasureseeker, Pony]

Mar 08 2006

Horrid Man Honored With New Porn Verb

This photo of Bert crashing into the dirt has nothing to do with today’s post Day One of the Registration Drive was a smash! In fact, if registrations were dollars I’d have enough for a few bottles of 1990 vintage Dom Pérignon. Although I am a little disappointed that hardly anybody wrote a little profile …

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Jul 04 2005

Love American Style

Jesus to Mary Magdalen: “I’d like to hook you up with some basic health care, but my holy father George W Bush has decreed that you must spread AIDS throughout the third world.” “I really like Roberto Cavalli fashion because it is so sexy. And I think he will do something amazing with the tail.” …

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May 02 2005

Sarcasm In The Morning

Photo of frozen block of minestrone died with lapsed Typepad account Twisty thaws out a quick block of frozen minestrone Another frozen block of soup for breakfast. Who has time to make eggs Benedict when there’s so much mocking to be done? For example, PBS is being taken over by the White House. The Republican …

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