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Spinster aunt bravely takes her camera to the john.

Apr 09 2006

Public Cans of Austin: Enoteca

View from the porcelain throne in the Little Muffaletta Eater’s Room, Enoteca, South Congress As far as ancillary cafés attached to popular South Congress “wood fired pizza” joints go, Enoteca, that previously-discussed bulge off the starboard side of Vespaio, is Stingray’s favorite. The fried oysters we had there yesterday, which were breaded in cornmeal and …

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Apr 08 2006

Public Cans of Austin: Jeffrey’s

Bleakness on West Lynn: the scrumpy washroom at one of Austin’s premier face-stuffing destinations. Sometimes Jeffrey’s is the best restaurant in Austin, so the fam took me there for my birthday the other day. Despite the fact that super-weird appetite-supressant/Texas Lt. Guv David Dewhurst was sitting a throwed roll away, I ate everything. There were …

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Apr 01 2006

Public Cans of Austin: The Green Coffeeshop

In St. Louis, Missouri, where I was exiled for half a century, Clementine’s is the name of a leather bar where I once nearly fainted from the violent stench of bursting male groins. In Austin, Clementine’s is the name of the green coffeeshop on Manor Rd. where I sometimes meet Stingray for a medium iced …

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Mar 31 2006

Behind The Magic: The Making of “Public Cans of Austin: Donn’s Depot”

The graffito reads “DUDE some-one seriously needs to show me what it feels like to get my ASS giggled.” “Bend over” suggests some subsequent respondent, reasonably. Because the compulsion to illuminate the infinitely tedious minutiae of Central Texan existence is what separates the spinster aunts from the boys, today I inaugurate my latest project, a …

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