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That which pertains to the celebration, or normalization, of violence against women

Jul 18 2011

A bit of lighthearted fun

This morning I am delighted to take the opportunity to bloviate on the notion of consent as it pertains to the sex class in a male-dominated society. As longtime readers are painfully aware, I trot this topic out for an airing semi-annually, because nothing says “patriarchy isn’t just some dull academic idea; it actually obtains …

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Jul 05 2011

Same shit, different day: Part the Second

In which I say pretty much the same thing I said yesterday, only with bigger words and longer run-on sentences. Mark my words. Malignant narcissist Dominique Strauss-Kahn will get off scott-free, scattering in his smug, entitled wake a bloody trail of ruined lives torn asunder. Powerful elite white dudes simply don’t go down for rape. …

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Jul 02 2011

Same shit different day

No time to post, but dammit, I called it back in May, when I predicted that this Dominique Strauss-Kahn excresence would walk. Naturally, because I am the world’s leading authority on New York jurisprudence, that’s exactly what’s happened. Why is he walking? Because the victim of his assault apparently lied on some old tax forms …

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May 17 2011

Hugs, Twisty: rapist is asshole

Dear Twisty, Please Jill! Cast the jaundiced spinster eye apon the recent IMF rapist? I need your unique perspective. redpeachmoon Dear redpeachmoon, What luck! I just happen to have handy just such a perspective on the IMF rapist. However, you might not interpret it as particularly unique. It goes like this: That guy is a …

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Mar 31 2011

Toronto activists take back the slut

SlutWalkers say it loud and proud

Canadian blamers have just hipped me to SlutWalk. Thanks, Canadian blamers!  On April 3rd, Toronto anti-rape activists will be protesting the reification by law enforcement of the bogus cultural construct “slut.” The protest march was ignited by this remark, recently uttered by Toronto cop Michael Sanguinetti as he addressed a class of law school students: …

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Oct 26 2010



Sexy Chilean miner costume. Photo from purveyors of Patriarchy2K-compliant dudefantasy receptaclewear yandy dot com.

Oct 25 2010

Hurl of the week


It’s almost Halloween, the annual Unleash Your Inner Dudefantasy Receptacle festival. Not you, of course. I know you’re going as a Chilean miner. Everyone else, however will be either Sexy Nerd, High School Tease, Miss Prep School, Prep School Delinquent, Bad Schoolgirl, Varsity Vixen, Study Date School Girl, or Sexy Mrs Potato Head. This yandy …

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Jul 27 2010

Spinster aunt has even less time today than yesterday

Until an actual patriarchy-blaming time slot opens up in a day or two, allow your absentee blogger to offer a) an award-nominated photograph of the leopard frog eggs found yesterday in the Spinstitute for Texas Herpetology Dept’s experimental algae-choked swamp of a former swimming pool, and b) this light and amusing BDSM-related interlude entitled “You’re …

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Jul 26 2010

Spinster aunt has no time for you

This spinster aunt has no time for you people right now. So let us all praise blamer Phio Gistic, who sent in a link to some jaw-dropping shit that just went down in St. Louis Missouri, the mattress-stain of a town where, coincidentally, I spent the 25 worst years of my life. Naturally, what happened …

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Jul 11 2010

Do you mind if I stalk you up close instead of from across the room?


Sure, I’ll smile, if you take this match and light your fucking mustache on fire. This week’s Sunday Morning Hurl comes from misogynist dude site runs a recurring feature dedicated to “pickup lines.” A pickup line is a phrase used by suave movie bachelors and doofus TV sitcom knobs (and, apparently, by dorks …

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