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That which pertains to the celebration, or normalization, of violence against women

Jul 03 2010

Art week brings you a spot of art

Sue Williams, 1992

It’s the last day of Art Week, so I thought I’d better actually squeeze in some actual art. Here’s a painting by Sue Williams.* A Funny Thing Happened, 1992. It comes with a trigger alert. This painting, about 4′ square, sold for $61,000 in 2008. The picture depicts three rape scenarios: the first begins with …

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Jun 09 2010

Citizens of the Poconos, unite against slutty teen rape victims!

It’s heartwarming, our pretty society’s outpouring of love for little girls. Behold the sugarplum fairytale of this 13-year old Pennsylvania girl: According to a marginally informative article in the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, Douchebag Supreme Michael J Lisk raped the girl repeatedly for over a year, made her pregnant, then furtively buried the fetus after …

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Jun 08 2010

As is her wont, spinster aunt continues writing about yesterday’s post

No time to post this morning, so I thought to mildly amuse by publishing a selection of reject-pile comments from the post I wrote yesterday. These were all authored, if you can believe it, by people who did not read the Guidelines for Commenters! Yesterday’s little fillip of blaming rapture, you may recall, concerned an …

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Jun 07 2010

Science dudes declare porn good, support claim with Danish graphs, flawed reasoning

woman of willendorf

The extent to which dudes just don’t get it fucking blows my lobe. While readin’ along over at the Scienceblogs, I encountered an essay entitled Just How Bad Is Porn, Anyway? Try to contain your surprise; it was authored by a dude. Whenever I see a science dude begin to muse on the philosophic value …

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May 31 2010

MRAs on parade: chumpass motherfucker declares ownership of girlfriend’s uterus

It’s always the way: some horndog dude decides to prong a woman, then ends up dissatisfied with the results. So he has a tantrum. The tantrum may take one, or a combination, of many interesting forms. Sometimes the woman doesn’t want him around anymore, so he stalks her. Sometimes she makes him hate her so …

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May 23 2010

Profiles in Patriarchy: “The Slain Masseuse”

Good lard! TV! I ask you. They should exhibit TV right next to the Old Testament in the Great Moments in Patriarchy-Replication Technology Museum. I just watched half of a true-crime-umentary: “48 Hours | Mystery: Seven Days of Rage: The Craigslist Killer.” I would say that the subject of this true-crime-umentary was Craigslist killer Philip …

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May 17 2010

“The Czech-born supermodel teamed her Dolce and Gabbana LBD with bondage heels.”


Images In Modern Patriarchy Quiz Match the following captions to the celebrity red carpet collages below (or suggest your own): Caption 1. “The world is my oyster.” Caption 2. “I am paid to be your fantasy but nevertheless I feel violated by your relentless, prurient gaze.” (Alternately: “Fine, take the boobs, but you’re not getting …

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Feb 23 2010

More Adventures with the Antithesis of Enlightenment

Over at Gizmodo, Dude Nation 2.0 is having a little tantrum. It seems Apple recently removed from its App Store something called Wobble, “an app that adds animated jiggles to photo breasts.” Since then, in a kind of Night of the Long iKnives, a veritable buttload of cheezy porn apps have been purged. Including the …

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Feb 22 2010

Spinster aunt makes plea, cooks squash, gnashes teeth

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who sent in screen shots. They have all been most helpful, and you screen-shooters are A-Number 1 Blamers 4ever! You can stop sending them now. Thanks again. Rootlesscosmo recently posted a recipe for butternut squash with a sweet’n’sour raisin-y, pine nutty wine/balsamic reduction (here), and I was all hot to make …

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Feb 14 2010

Michael Jackson perv alert in Austin neighborhood

Risk Level: HIGH!!!!!

Blamer Susan just got this postcard in the mail. She yawned. You know these cards. “NOTICE OF HIGH-RISK SEX OFFENDER IN COMMUNITY.” The state sends’em out when a convicted perv, who for some reason isn’t in jail even though he is “high risk,” moves into your neighborhood, to frolic and molest. The question is, what …

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