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Pertaining to male use of women for profit.

Oct 12 2013

Internet porn: is there any problem it can’t solve?

Yay internet porn! says Matthew Yglesias. It’s solving a pesky social problem, that of how to facilitate the displacement of poor people from their seedy neighborhoods by an influx of glowing, poverty-averse yuppies. How does internet porn do that? Well, apparently, now that American disgust-o-pervs can beat off to women’s degradation via WiFi whenever and …

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Oct 10 2013

Spinster aunt weighs in on the unpaid intern/ harassment thing

By now you will have heard about the New York City intern whose sexual harassment suit was chucked out because her position was an unpaid one. If not, check it out here. The gist: boss gropes intern in hotel room. Intern, grossed-out, rebuffs incursion, is subsequently passed over for job. Coincidence? She thinks not. The …

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Sep 11 2013

Mass media fails to uplift spinster aunt

“What the hell, Twisty?” you may well ask. “Whyfore no bloggo lo these past 57.8 months or whatever?” Well, the rumors are true. My lobe got totally blown. Kablooey. Lobaceous matter scattered over several square miles. Obstreperal particles were found as far away as the Texas lege, where, thanks to the Supremes, state Republicans bask …

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Mar 05 2013

Sexopreneur pimps out hotties to losers

A person can either be generous and proactive, or attractive and submissive; any other combination would throw the whole system of human oppression into chaos.

A spinster aunt can take a patriarchy-blaming hiatus, but misogyny never sleeps. While I was off on sabbatical, this deeply sad “dating auction” site popped up. That’s right, I said “dating auction.” Whats-your-price- dot com (I can’t bring myself to link to it; take out the dashes if you wish to see it for yourself) …

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Mar 01 2013

Miss Popularity

Teen beauty queen porn. What WaPo reader can resist its sweet charms?

As part of IBTP’s ongoing (as of yesterday) casting-of-the-aspersions at the vagina ghettos with cutesy chick-identifying titles in which mainstream publications bury women’s opinion, let us turn today to the Washington Post’s “She the People” blog. See how the word “she” is cleverly underlined in lipstick? This tells potential women readers that a tawdry smear …

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Aug 23 2012

Spinster aunt is informed that Pussy Riot’s ideological carpet doesn’t match drapes

Madonna in Moscow

You may have noticed the Free Pussy Riot banner up there.* Mindlessly swept up in the zeitgeist of the moment, I had intended to display it for a day or two as a kind of satiric gesture making fun of the wackaloon mainstream media frenzy over the Pussy Riot case. Then, because my Internet feminist …

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Feb 13 2012

No. 2 Science Information

“Idleness is the parent of all psychology.” Nietzsche said it, I believe it, and that settles it! The gasbag Nietzsche, as you know, was a horse lover. Like many horse lovers, he went nuts trying to save a cart horse from being beaten in the streets of Turin and died, a madman of the first …

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Feb 07 2012

BeeDeeEssEm insiders have unpopular revelation

I hope you’re sitting down, because I am about to reveal the shock of a lifetime. Abuse is rampant in the BDSM ‘community’. But don’t take my word for it. Here is BDSM “activist and sex worker” Kitty Stryker: “When I start to think of the number of times I have been cajoled, pressured, or …

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Jan 31 2012

A few lite thoughts on rape and prostitution

Note: After writing this post, I was obliged to jettison the vaunted Facebook experiment. Still on Twitter, though, @IBlame. Since announcing the Facebook experiment I’ve done practically nothing but approve friend requests and wince my way through a bunch of untamed emoticons and lolz, but one patriarchy-blaming discussion did happen to catch my jaundiced eye. …

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Oct 01 2011

“Law and Order: Mutilated Women Unit” ep cleverly appeals to multiple niche fetishes at once

A murdered teen isn’t lurid enough; better make her a prostitute with HIV.

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