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Pertaining to male use of women for profit.

Oct 26 2010



Sexy Chilean miner costume. Photo from purveyors of Patriarchy2K-compliant dudefantasy receptaclewear yandy dot com.

Oct 15 2010

It’s Gratuitious Erotica Month!


So much has happened since the last time I bothered to post that I’m just going to ignore it all and start here. First it must be acknowledged that here at Spinster Aunt HQ we are suffering from Chilean Miner Fatigue. Yes, we’re as enchanted as the next aunt by the time-honored spectacle of extracting …

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Jul 26 2010

Spinster aunt has no time for you

This spinster aunt has no time for you people right now. So let us all praise blamer Phio Gistic, who sent in a link to some jaw-dropping shit that just went down in St. Louis Missouri, the mattress-stain of a town where, coincidentally, I spent the 25 worst years of my life. Naturally, what happened …

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Jul 02 2010

LA Times publishes article about woman; global reserves of sexist stereotypes dangerously depleted

In the news: a woman known as Anna Chapman is accused of being some sort of Russian spy (Russian spy? Seriously? I didn’t realize we still had those. It’s comforting to know that at least some beloved artifacts from my idyllic Cold War childhood endure). This LA Times story, the gist of which is gripping …

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Jun 27 2010

Art Week at last: read it and weep

Faster Family Art Factory, Jill Is Great, Collection of Spinster HQ, Gift of the Faster Nieces, 2010. The idea is legitimized by the frame! When rape apologists and misogynist pervs defend their crap-ass pornography as art, I say let’em. Well, first I say fuck’em, because they’re sociopaths. But then I say let’em. Let’em have that …

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Jun 25 2010

Spinster aunt pukes on Jeff Koons (but it’s not Art Week yet)

Figure 7a. Are your boobs affected by gravity? Tit-tape ad promises product will banish unsightly boob saggage for 10 bucks. Product is an adhesive used to tape the top of your boob directly to your chest. TV commercial shown during Jeff Koons bio on the Ovation channel. I wasn’t expecting to discuss this dick during …

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Jun 12 2010

Spinster aunt registers lack of surprise

I knew it! We acknowledge that systematic meat sharing by male chimpanzees in expectation of, or in return for, immediate copulations might be discovered in future studies. However, current data indicate that such exchanges are so rare, and so different in nature from exchanges among humans, that with respect to chimpanzees, sexual bartering in humans …

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Jun 08 2010

As is her wont, spinster aunt continues writing about yesterday’s post

No time to post this morning, so I thought to mildly amuse by publishing a selection of reject-pile comments from the post I wrote yesterday. These were all authored, if you can believe it, by people who did not read the Guidelines for Commenters! Yesterday’s little fillip of blaming rapture, you may recall, concerned an …

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Jun 07 2010

Science dudes declare porn good, support claim with Danish graphs, flawed reasoning

woman of willendorf

The extent to which dudes just don’t get it fucking blows my lobe. While readin’ along over at the Scienceblogs, I encountered an essay entitled Just How Bad Is Porn, Anyway? Try to contain your surprise; it was authored by a dude. Whenever I see a science dude begin to muse on the philosophic value …

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May 23 2010

Profiles in Patriarchy: “The Slain Masseuse”

Good lard! TV! I ask you. They should exhibit TV right next to the Old Testament in the Great Moments in Patriarchy-Replication Technology Museum. I just watched half of a true-crime-umentary: “48 Hours | Mystery: Seven Days of Rage: The Craigslist Killer.” I would say that the subject of this true-crime-umentary was Craigslist killer Philip …

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