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Pertaining to male use of women for profit.

May 17 2010

“The Czech-born supermodel teamed her Dolce and Gabbana LBD with bondage heels.”


Images In Modern Patriarchy Quiz Match the following captions to the celebrity red carpet collages below (or suggest your own): Caption 1. “The world is my oyster.” Caption 2. “I am paid to be your fantasy but nevertheless I feel violated by your relentless, prurient gaze.” (Alternately: “Fine, take the boobs, but you’re not getting …

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Apr 23 2010

Spinster aunt reads boobquake emails

Hey folks, you can stop sending me the “boobquake” alert. Consider me apprised. What’s a “boobquake”? A reaction to some dude’s proclamation that saucy women showing cleavage are responsible for the recent catastrophic earthquakes, “Boobquake” is blogger Jen McCreight’s idea of “a boob joke.” Damn, those are always hilarious! McCreight’s boob joke was this: since …

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Feb 23 2010

More Adventures with the Antithesis of Enlightenment

Over at Gizmodo, Dude Nation 2.0 is having a little tantrum. It seems Apple recently removed from its App Store something called Wobble, “an app that adds animated jiggles to photo breasts.” Since then, in a kind of Night of the Long iKnives, a veritable buttload of cheezy porn apps have been purged. Including the …

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Feb 22 2010

Is your pout plump enough?

lip plumper

Oh my fucking god, behold yet another story in a major American newspaper wherein the writer gets all verklempt about this wack new burlesque craze, just fifteen short years after the first quasi-transgressive hipsters disentombed it from its well-deserved mothball crypt in the misogynist perv-pile. Any excuse to interview a semi-nude chick with a stripper …

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Feb 04 2010

Spinster aunt smells hoax

While whiffling though the NPR website in search of a piece on The New Alpha Wife, which I did not find, my neural net received an even nastier jolt than expected when a story titled “New Zealand Teen Auctions Virginity To Pay Tuition” hove into view. The story so far: “Unigirl,” an anonymous 19-year-old student …

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Jan 13 2010

Cheap frills: spinster aunt views child beauty pageant on TV

Remind you of anyone?

This dude is charged with murdering a woman unfortunate enough to have married him — she documented his violent episodes in her diary — and the Beeb reports that she had a “volatile personality”? ! * * * * * * * * * * In other antifeminist news, yesterday the satellite dish at Spinster …

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Nov 26 2009

Update from the spinster compound

At Thanksgiving I usually let some steam whistle through my kettle of disgust regarding the holiday’s shameless celebration of domination culture, but this year I’ll confine myself to remarking that this ubiquitous euphemism “Turkey Day,” though it makes the spinster skin crawl, is at least a step in the right direction towards secularizing these godbag …

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Nov 04 2009

All Old Movies Still Suck

Of all the classic film genres I love to hate, I love to hate none more fervently than the mid-century sex farce. Mid-century sex farces suck. As you know, by “mid-century sex farce,” I of course mean “bogus fucking misogynist fantasy crap.” And no classic film is more mid-century-sex-farcical than the one I watched the …

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Oct 22 2009

No post today, just this long-ass essay

Faithful readers know that, when it comes to feminists who struggle with their own internalized misogyny, the spinster aunt is forbearance itself. But I just have to say I am goddam astonished by some of the comments on the Meghan McCain post. And I’ve survived not only the Great Hummer Wars of Aught-Six, but also …

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Sep 17 2009

CrotchWatch ’09

Today Spinster HQ kicks off our much-anticipated new feature, CrotchWatch ’09. Through CrotchWatch ’09 we’ll keep careful tabs on global genitalia. Because the state of being female is a medical condition, we’ll start with NetDoctor. NetDoctor is a UK-based health tip website. It contains “all you need to know about the prevention, treatment and management …

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