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The non-existent case against feminism, explained by non-experts in the field.

Apr 02 2008

The new virgin menace

There’s a virgin at Harvard. Unusual, perhaps, but still, no big whoop, right? Wrong! It’s such a big whoop that the New York Times Magazine has run a story on her. In order to vaguely sort of ridicule her. Because no matter what a woman does in this world, it’s the wrong fucking thing. Especially …

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Mar 25 2008

The evangelical pro-life guide to sexy feminism

These remarks from reader Liz conveniently summarize, more or less, my own views on sexy feminism. She begins with quoted text from another commenter. “Sexy feminism (aka sex-positivism) isn’t about appealing to men and thus perpetuation [sic] the patriarchy through internalized sexism. It’s about claiming our own sexual pleasure and our own bodies. It’s about …

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Mar 23 2008

It’s all about me

I just had a depressing conversation with Stingray, which she began thusly: “Well. It looks like Hillary’s goin’ down.” She was bummed. Stingray wants a woman president, and she wants her now. She enlarged on her point. It’s not so much that Hillary’s politics are destroying her, but the fact that, whether she advertises it …

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Mar 18 2008

Spinster aunt quotes self

Time is short this morning, so today’s item will consist largely of a comment I posted yesterday on Feministing, which comment more or less summarizes my previously published ideas on the concept of “consent” as it relates to women and rape, so those of you who are tired of that crap should probably look for …

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May 07 2007

The secret lives of prigs

Jesus tap-dancing christ. The next commenter who uses the word “priggish” to describe the radical feminist case against pornography is gonna get banned on the grounds that he’s just too dumb to post on this, my own personal blog. That goes for trying to slink by with “feminista” as a synonym for “feminazi,” too. And, …

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Mar 29 2007

Patriarchy-blamer makes straw-secondwaver joke


At last! I found love in a strip mall in Dallas. The undisguised non-subtext of the week here at I Blame the Patriarchy has been Radical Feminists Tell Femininity To Kiss Their Entire Ass. If you grow weary of the topic, be of good cheer; I am lately returned, uncharred, from the icy purgatorial fires …

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Mar 12 2007

More Komedy Korner: “Damn you and your patriarchy!”


In a mood of melancholic nostalgia for the good old days when he was still in the Guinness Book as World’s Hugest Infant, Norbizness sent me this snapshot, taken in the Sugarland Home for Unwed Mothers just before I put him up for adoption in 1948. I can’t say for sure, but I think feminism …

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Nov 16 2005

Indiana College Girls: Shaving Their Way To Happiness

It’s 2005. Do you know where your feminists are? They’re sure as shit not at St. Mary’s College in Indiana, sister school of Notre Dame. There appears to be but inchoate appreciation for feminist theory or analysis in this institution of higher learning, not to mention an hysterical fear of female body hair, and a …

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Aug 17 2005

My Feminist Cred Is Bogus!

Because there is so much in this world I don’t give a crap about, and so many shrimps to tandooricize, and so many pages left unread by me in the copy of The Brothers Karamozov that has been on my nightstand for about 17-and-a-half years, I had never heard of before five minutes ago. …

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Jun 10 2005

The Pie Fight Chronicles, Part II

Part II: The Hinge of Fate | Read Part I I rarely read DailyKos; its fratboy zeitgeist is too circle-jerky for my taste, and the commenters’ obsession with ratings, as well as their deep conviction that they and the Republicans are somehow worlds apart, is more than a little sad. And anyway, if anything crucial …

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