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Feb 17 2014

Hail to the P

Here at the bunkhouse we recently had the opportunity to curl several jaundiced lips at another commercial for a femininity-compliance product. The product was Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is a chemical detergent intended to scour the offensive, disgusting filth off your nasty vulva, a body part that nowadays — in an …

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Sep 24 2013

“Rebranding” feminism for dudes “who care that there are two genders”


Have you heard about this “rebranding feminism” contest? I know, right? Again with the rebranding of feminism. Every so often there emerges from the fetid mists some chumpass jacknut who would take a crap on feminism by coopting it as a gimmick to help hawk thigh cream and tampons. The target? Women who sense deep …

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Mar 14 2013

Rape prevention gun debate: as usual, it’s not about women, it’s about preserving the status quo

Begging your pardon, but this morning it is necessary to link to Fox News. It is not often that my delicately balanced obstreperal lobe will tolerate more than a few milligrams of Fox’s unsophisticated, hostile, and overwrought discharges. In fact, in order to regain cable news harmony within my lobe, today I will require a …

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Mar 08 2012

Nude revolutionaries

It’s International Women’s Day again! Why, it seems like only last year that a couple of people in the media spent a few hours pretending that anyone gives a crap about women’s issues. Tomorrow, progressive dudepundits like Matthew Yglesias can go back to pointing out how the whole “war against women” anti-birth-control dealio (which for …

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Feb 10 2012

VAWA in hot wa-wa

The Violence Against Women Act — VAWA — has had a rough time in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. It needed to be “reauthorized” for some reason — Congress probably needs decide every five years or so whether throwing a bone at abused women will win them votes — and, brace yourself for a …

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Feb 02 2012

Komen sucks, Part 47

Nothing could heartwarm the spinster aunt–cum–plucky breast cancer survivor more than to see the vile Komen Foundation getting raked over the coals and scrutinized and vilified in the mainstream. It’s about fucking time. So it is fair to ask: Just what are the scientific and medical standards to which the Susan G. Komen Foundation adheres, …

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Feb 01 2012

Blamer exhibits devilish cunning

You may have followed a link I recently posted, wherein it was revealed that in the State of Texas it is now considered perfectly awesome to force women seeking abortions to undergo a repellent, rape-like pronging with a vaginal ultrasound probe during which the state-controlled doctor forces them to listen to irrelevant, non-medical blather about …

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Jan 03 2012

Shoe company to women: “you’re deformed.”

Red lines afflict all women's legs

Finally, a shoe company is using vagina marketing to leverage women’s UAEW (universally acknowledged essential weirdness) into profits! Behold the little insert I found in the box containing my new pair of Merrell hiking shoes. This riveting brochure explains that “women move differently than men.” This differentude, implies the brochure, is because of a deformity …

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Aug 22 2011

LecherWatch ’11

What hotel maid wouldn't want this sexy grandpa?

Well knock me over with a feather. Leering French fuck Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s gonna walk. The hotel maid’s lawyer had predicted prosecutors would tell her Monday they were dropping the case. The attorney, Kenneth Thompson, told France’s RTL radio on Sunday that the woman, Nafissatou Diallo, “feels abandoned by the Manhattan District Attorney.” The questions raised …

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Jun 21 2011

Feminist blog saves lives


Reader testimonials! I. Just last week I successfully identified a cluster of stinkhorn mushrooms. All because I read this here blog. I took pictures! I told my friends! Life is better with Heartwarming Nature Crap! — cootie twoshoes Send the pictures, La Cootie, send the pictures. Stinkhorns are, as the poet said, teh awesome. Obviously, …

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