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Jan 27 2009

First, the bad news


I’ve just found organic aerosol waffle batter, and I’m telling everyone! Just heat up the old waffle iron, point, and squirt! Try it with a glob of organic aerosol whipped cream for a virtuous-yet-space-age breakfast experience that can’t be beat. Waffle-hatas in your breakfast nook? Let’em do the whippet! While I absorb my organic aerosol …

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Jan 22 2009

Godbag medical professional inflicts views on unsuspecting patient, with hilarious results!

Regular blamers have an iron grip on the notion that men hate women, but have been, on occasion, reluctant to accept the categorization of certain of my posts under the banner “Women Hate You.” Supposedly the concept is divisive or anti-woman or something. Faugh, I say. Plenty of women do hate you, vehemently, and for …

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Jan 13 2009

Dispatch from the 100 Best Gender Studies Blogs department

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 93.7% of 21st century feminist time is wasted reassuring people that feminists don’t hate men. I’ve also said this before and I’ll say it again: the link to a synopsis of the Twisty Worldview is right there in the sidebar; why will nobody ever read it? …

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Jan 09 2009



It’s always a pleasure to see an armadillo that isn’t smashed on the road. Fun armadillo facts: they are related to sloths and anteaters, and are the only species of this order in Texas (or in all of North America for that matter). They can inflate themselves to cross bodies of water. 15% of armadillos …

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Dec 26 2008

Always leave’em wanting more

Or Spirulina Nation A blamer recently reminded me of the Voluntary Human Extinctionist Movement, and boy am I glad she did. Since discovering it a few years ago, it’s been one of my very favorite human extinctionist movements! Because I suffer from chemo-brain, my obstreperal lobe had temporarily misplaced it, but its impact on the …

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Nov 30 2008

Thanks for nothing 2008


With all the patriarchy I’ve been blaming over the past few years, I’ve somehow drifted away from my roots. That is, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a photograph of my lunch. Who among us right-thinking honky Americans is not conflicted (“conflicted” meaning the discomfiture experienced when it becomes necessary to juggle opposing …

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Nov 21 2008

Spinster aunt casts jaundiced eye upon stupid product

American culture is infested with a great many pernicious social constructs the abolition of which the Twistolution would celebrate with a yacht party in Bali. Drinks on me! Sarongs optional! There are so many pernicious social constructs, in fact, that without a little help from the megatheocorporatocracy, it would be impossible to focus my full …

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Aug 13 2008

Spinster aunt cuts blogular corners by making another dorky video, this time about her outing to a giant Human Demoralization Center

I know, I know, but these video things are way faster than writing, and these days time is of the essence for the spinster aunt. Sadly, because I did this in one take and without any script or rehearsal or talent, I perhaps failed to emphasize my main blaming point, which is my disgust at …

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Jul 23 2008

Sisters ordainin’ it for themselves, part 2

It is difficult for an atheist such as myself to get too worked up over the internecine squabbles of various religious sects. Universally, religions are nothing but skeletons from which hangs the greasy blubber of patriarchal ideology. Even when they’re not overtly oppressing women — although I’ve never met a religion that wasn’t — they’re …

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May 05 2008

The Spinster Repore

Because I am the world’s leading authority on world news, I am uniquely qualified to bring you world news from around the world. Let’s go! Malaysia: The Foreign Minister has proposed that grown women traveling abroad must produce notes from their mommies before being allowed to leave the country alone. This is because drug smugglers …

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