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I occasionally read the news, or am forced to admit into my presence some artifact of popular culture.

May 19 2011

Spinster aunt temporarily icked out by stupid Geraldo Rivera column

Holy shit, remember that dude Geraldo Rivera? The edgy, muck-raking journalist from 40 years ago? But then he kind of turned into a supremely annoying one-man tabloid? I hadn’t seen him around lately, so I’d assumed he’d been sent off to Joke-Butt Island, where guys with 70s porn mustaches go to die, but no, he …

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Apr 25 2011

Misogyny in the news: that’s entertainment!

You can always rely on news headlines to breathe a bit of life into the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women. For example, today’s two most popular stories on the KXAN Austin News website are Pregnant woman beaten in north Austin and Mom finds grown man in teen’s bed. You already know what these …

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Apr 16 2011

The boundless American appetite for the agony of strangers in crisis

Who but a stunt driver with a death wish would attempt the insane Ben White/I-35 flyover?

According to the Blametariat, irrational fear of crows is a thing. Spinster aunts are award-nominated experts on irrationality, but this crow dealio was news to us down at HQ, where the tragic dearth of crows has long been lamented, especially since recently screening a PBS documentary on the extraordinary intellective powers of these birds. Still, …

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Jan 26 2011

Death by femininity, again

If only pornography was just dirty pictures. That would still be bad, but not as bad as the real actual truth. Pornography — that is, the graphic representation of violence against women — is in fact like unto a thick, noxious gas percolating through every conceivable stratum of human culture. Take this example of multi-tiered …

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Jan 25 2011

A pity there isn’t an antisocial network

I’m not sure why, but I Blame the Patriarchy is now on Facebook. Got some ultra-feminist thingy on your mind? Go on over and spew. By “spew” I of course mean “contribute elegant, concise, thought-provoking remarks that elevate the discourse.” We’ll see how long this lasts! Also, here is a picture of my horse. Carry …

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Dec 09 2010

Pop psych mag cites evolutionary evidence for female fickleness

psychology today december 2010

Few pseudo-entities spook the spinster butt-boils like pseudoscience, and few pseudosciences are as a hot spork in a spinster’s obstreperal lobe like evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology rests on the shaky (often enpornulated) hypothesis that modern human social behaviors are actually species-preserving adaptations. Because evolutionary psychology, like all psuedoscience, is administered by jackasses who are heavily …

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Oct 19 2010

UAE , US pretty much sympatico re: domestic violence

Hey, patriarchy-deniers! Sit ‘n’ spin on this: Dr Ahmed al Kubaisi, the head of Sharia Studies at UAE University and Baghdad University, told the National that beating one’s wife is at times necessary to preserve family bonds. “If a wife committed something wrong, a husband can report her to police,” Dr al Kubaisi told the …

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Aug 04 2010

Spinster aunt casts jaundiced eye at popular television show

Hollywood has long been recognized by the Global Cabal of Spinster Aunts as Ground Zero for American misogyny. Like everything that gurgles forth from that foul city, this Mad Men sensation that’s sweeping the nation has many sicko antifeminist repercussions. Never heard of Mad Men? It’s a “critically acclaimed” — which means that edgy dudes …

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Jul 18 2010

Sunday Morning Hurl: Mama Grizzlies

Right Wing Woman

What the Mama Grizzly is wearing this season. From SarahPAC video. Whenever a right-wing woman — any right-wing woman — claims to be a feminist, she doesn’t do it in a vacuum. She isn’t just hurting herself. Her antifeminist feminism has violent repercussions and broad implications. It spreads like a contagion from patriotically-attired partisan church …

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Jul 02 2010

LA Times publishes article about woman; global reserves of sexist stereotypes dangerously depleted

In the news: a woman known as Anna Chapman is accused of being some sort of Russian spy (Russian spy? Seriously? I didn’t realize we still had those. It’s comforting to know that at least some beloved artifacts from my idyllic Cold War childhood endure). This LA Times story, the gist of which is gripping …

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