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I occasionally read the news, or am forced to admit into my presence some artifact of popular culture.

Nov 29 2009

OzWatch ’09: Misogyny on Parade

Displaying an astonishing capacity for patriarchy-blaming, somebody in charge of public education in Victoria AU wishes to implement anti-violence-against-women training in a couple of schools. It’s called “Respectful Relationship Education.” Possible classroom activities include students acting out scenes of sexual coercion after which students would suggest more appropriate behaviour. […] They would combat common attitudes …

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Nov 21 2009

A Face in the Crowd

Heather Havrilesky has a quasi-jokey column that precisely illustrates the reasons for my long-held view that Oprah is the opiate of the (white middle class female) people. Yesterday, when word got out that Oprah will be wrapping up “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which has been on the air since 1986, so that she can focus …

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Nov 19 2009

American boobs used as political football, part 472

Regular readers know that, news-wise, CNN confuses me, and that I have all but kicked the NPR habit (it seems fantastic, but El Rancho Deluxe gets only one radio station, and it only plays one song: that Red Hot Chili Peppers slow dance where the dude yodels in that weird accent about how he doesn’t …

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Nov 15 2009

Same stupak, different day

I Blame the Patriarchy marches to the beat of a different news cycle, so this may be ancient history to you, but, Stupak! I propose that “stupak” be incorporated into common usage as a verb meaning “to ensure political victory by means of screwing women over bigtime.” My mind is not boggled that the health …

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Nov 14 2009

LubeWatch ’09

Unidentified terrestrial object, September 2009. Fellow heartwarming nature crappists will recall that, although spinster aunts are closely related to mushrooms (in terms of a shared propensity to sprout on rotting logs), my mycological chops are not, perhaps, as finely honed as might be considered ideal. Thus I will refrain from positively identifying this appealing, orange, …

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Oct 16 2009

Ways In Which the Internet Sucks


Savage Death Island is happy to launch a new feature. It’s the greatly anticipated Ways In Which the Internet Sucks feature! We begin with a charming instance of Whataboutthemen?! appearing this morning on the Atlantic’s website. But first, the backstory: Meghan McCain — Young Republican, internet columnist, “Colbert Report” guest, and daughter of John — …

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Aug 05 2009

Spinster aunt still not dead

This just in from Spinster HQ: I ain’t dead. I don’t even have a summer cold. In fact, a team of experts has measured my vim and found it sufficient. Neither, it pleases me to report, am I (at least this time) one of those internet feminists whose real life is so fascinating or fraught …

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Jun 02 2009

Anecdotal evidence of something

The White Zinfandel Scare of the 1980’s produced lingering aftershocks of dumbassness of which I was heretofore unaware. It’s 2009, and men are terrified of rosé wines. So quoth Stingray, reporting from the Spinster Sommelier Department. Apparently, when non-oenophile men and women attend her wine tastings, men eschew the rosé without fail, but women, of …

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May 26 2009


Picture Obama giving this patronizing hug to a dude Supreme.

May 21 2009

Enterprising teens use technology to totally screw themselves over

The obsession with wild turkeys frolicking at dawn continues unabated at Spinster HQ. Sexting! It’s the latest teen scourge. Lock up your daughters! Or at least get them iPhones. You still can’t effing text a photo on an iPhone. Sexting, you will be delighted to hear, is when a teenage girl sends, via mobile, an …

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