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Apr 21 2009

Rape culture and stupidity for your iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a Dude Paradise Generator with this remote control app.

The iPhone used to be the purview of elitists and geeks. A current Apple commercial says it still is, attempting to illustrate the unsurpassed coolness of its product by demonstrating that it can be used to read books and MRIs. However, now that iPhones have filtered into the mainstream, they are little more than mediocrity-delivery …

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Mar 06 2009

Pole dancer goes for the gold

Today’s reader submission comes from blamer eb, who hips me to a petition on Facebook — currently endorsed by nearly 75,000 tools of the patriarchy — to “get pole dancing in 2012 Olympics.” The originator of the petition, Collette Kakuk, who appears to be affiliated with a California pole dancing studio, invites Facebookians to join …

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Feb 28 2009

“Sex therapist” to women: Just close your eyes and think of England

The blamer will kindly excuse me for today’s lack of megatwistanalysis, but there’s a minor crisis down at the Spinster HQ Ornithology Department. A certain sidekick — I’m not naming names, but it starts with an S and ends with a “ray” — left the back door open last night and this morning I’ve got …

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Feb 12 2009

Spinster aunt reads a couple of GoogleAlerts

Once in a while it amuses me to read my Google Alerts for keyword “feminist” as I slurp down my soylent green kombucha. The blog results are always enlightening. A bit of a barometer. If the random blogger is any indication, feminism’s in bad shape, women. Here are two depressing examples from today’s alert email. …

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Feb 10 2009

More hugs

You thought I’d forgotten all about the new “Hugs, Twisty” feature, but you’re wrong-o! Todays topics are: what to do about rapists, the state-owned uterus, and grammar. Let’s get started! [Trigger alert] Hi Twisty, Long-time listener, first-time caller. For serious though, I want your help, and the help of the rest of the blamers, if …

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Feb 06 2009

College sophomore is a feminist but

The recent meltdown at the Spinster HQ computer lab took with it the data* Phil and I’d been compiling on that interesting genre of student newspaper essays entitled “I’m not a feminist but.” This loss is a minor tragedy, because if I remember a-right, a pattern was beginning to emerge. And now we’ll have to …

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Jan 27 2009

And now the good news

Feminism, I am often told, is not some internet spinster aunt tapping away at a keyboard in rural Texas. It is a gang of vigilantes in poverty-ridden northern India, women who wear pink saris and kick actual ass. With sticks. I allude to the Gulabi Gang, a marauding justice league that uses shame and the …

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Jan 27 2009

First, the bad news


I’ve just found organic aerosol waffle batter, and I’m telling everyone! Just heat up the old waffle iron, point, and squirt! Try it with a glob of organic aerosol whipped cream for a virtuous-yet-space-age breakfast experience that can’t be beat. Waffle-hatas in your breakfast nook? Let’em do the whippet! While I absorb my organic aerosol …

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Jan 23 2009

No post today

While I flit off on an important farming mission today, here are a few dangling IUD strings for your consideration: Blamer threatens to share anecdotes Blamer sevanetta — another of our Aussies — who works in gender equality in government, recently indicated in a comment that she has “anecdotes galore” concerning the astonishing gender-issues ignorance …

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Jan 09 2009

Spinster aunt posts link

A propos of funfeminism, blamer Shambles sends along this amusing link.

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