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Jul 26 2007

Peckish asilid of the week


I am not dead. Or even, aside from a bit of irregularity, sick. Since I freely admit to falling a bit short of meeting either of the aforementioned conditions, you may wonder why no blaming in over a week. Well, I’ll tell you. I do not have, at the moment (or, some would say, ever), …

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Jul 06 2007

I cannot resist one more spider post


Clump of harvestmen writhing in my perpetually unfinished soffit. The reader will kindly forgive the crappy picture quality; I had only my little point-and-shoot with me, having chemobrainedly omitted to throw the Big Camera Bag into the truck prior to departure. Phalangiium sp., Cottonmouth County, TX, July 2007. Speaking of shrimp foam, the Twisty Arthropod …

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Jul 04 2007

Harmless garden spider of the week


Fig. 7 Here in Austin it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. Some spinster aunts would simply throw in the towel and take to their beds with tubs of Cool Whip when confronted with such seratonin-depleting meteorological anomalies, but I am not one of them. No, not I. Instead I don raiment …

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Jun 30 2007

Retreating rodent de la semaine


Dang. Once again, no time to blame. But certainly one never tires of photos of tree trunks with galloping squirrels in the background, so here you are.

Jun 28 2007

Odonata de la semaine


Checkered setwing. The Twisty Odonata Compound, Travis County, TX, June 2007. If I seem not to have blogularly blamed the patriarchy in days and days, it is because I have been extremely diverted by blaming the patriarchy in my actual life. No cause for alarm, though. I’ll be back soon. Please accept this dragonfly as …

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May 26 2007

Thyreocorid bug of the week


Corimelaena sp. The Twisty Hemiptera Department, May 26, 2007. I adjourned to the bug paddock to snap this foto after throwing a copy of Newsweek across the room. It’s the May 21 issue, the one with a picture of a baby on the front. The baby is wearing a half pink, half blue wunzy. “The …

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May 22 2007

and/or random things


Sentimental blowfly photo of the week. Like so many of us, blowflies start life as carrion-gnawing maggots. Calliphora sp. May 22, North South Austin. One of the aspects of blogging that is supposed to make the whole enterprise so revolutionary is the blogroll. This is a collection of links to other people’s blogs that you …

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May 22 2007

Yo, taqueau


Sentimental butterfly photo of the week: Anthanassa texana, the Texan crescent. North South Austin, May 21, 2007. I forgot, for a few days, that I have a blog. So many bugs to photograph, so many coffee shops to haunt. And let’s face it; is there really anything I can say about patriarchy that I haven’t …

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May 18 2007

OK, just one more bird post and I’m done


Purple martin hotel. Manor & Chestnut, Austin. May, 2007. Long ago, sometime after the Jurassic wound down but before the auspicious occasion of my birth, purple martins purpled freely o’er the countryside, feasting on succulent mosquitos so that Native Americans wouldn’t have to invent DEET. Then came the European invasion, bringing, along with genocide, disease, …

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May 17 2007

Thrusday grackle blogging


Imagine Stingray’s surprise this morning at breakfast when an enormous carnivorous pterodactyl swooped down out of the miasma of Barton Springs Boulevard and made off with her bacon. I snapped this photo on his first attempt; as you can see, the massive animal fat content of the rasher initially proved too much for him, and …

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