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The spinster aunt, straight to video.

Jun 16 2010

The video the real feminists don’t want you to see

Jun 08 2010

The heartwarming zubiks of Obstreperon

Jan 30 2010

Spinster aunt goes to pieces

Oh no! A 40-second video of a dancing cartoon butt wreaks havoc with my neurotransmitters! Below, sent in by blamer Katie — thanks, Katie! — is the video that generated my paroxysm. According to my secretary Phil, the video is funny, but not as funny as I think it is.

Nov 26 2009

Update from the spinster compound

At Thanksgiving I usually let some steam whistle through my kettle of disgust regarding the holiday’s shameless celebration of domination culture, but this year I’ll confine myself to remarking that this ubiquitous euphemism “Turkey Day,” though it makes the spinster skin crawl, is at least a step in the right direction towards secularizing these godbag …

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Aug 23 2009

Spinster aunt’s adopted hometown lives up to reptilian moniker

Spinster aunts, at midnight after a half a bot of rosé, are often inclined to sluice out to the back porch, wearing attractive headlamps, to find Western diamondback rattlesnakes hanging out by the door. The serpents wait like patience on a statue, apparently imagining that mice or hunks of filet mignon are about to come …

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Jul 07 2009

iPhone Cinema

Do I just sit around making goofy little movies with my iPhone these days? Yup. Behold Attack of the Bathroom Accoutrements, director’s cut.

Jul 03 2009

Spinster aunt adds dog to bunkhouse

Speaking of film, here’s the latest release from Spinster Studios 24-Hour Emergency Art-O-Mat, iPhone Cinema Department. It’s a dilly. Remember how there was an adorable puppy gonna show up here at El Rancho Deluxe? Well, she showed up. A yella lab. Call her Fran. The credit for this excellent name belongs entirely to my pal …

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Jun 23 2009

A deep subject

As promised: the well pump repair documentary, cinematographed with my iPhone. Five minutes of pure torture.

Jun 21 2009

Stan, genius

Yeah, I got the new video iPhone. I am a pathetic early adopter. The video is of my giant horse Stanley. He is wishing I would just let him go out and eat some grass already.

Aug 09 2008

Oh hell, I got vlogging software.